You want results … we deliver !

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You want results … we deliver !

          Unless you have actually been involved in the sale or purchase of a home this year, you may not understand what in the world is going on in real estate.  Interest rates remain low, apparently home prices have dropped significantly and yet, the news media keeps sharing dismal results.  You want results, we deliver.

         “The reality is that the well-documented contraction of mortgage credit, including larger down payment requirements, has actually put homeownership beyond the reach of many otherwise qualified homebuyers. Unfortunately, a steady drumbeat of headlines regarding this credit tightening has persuaded millions of potential homebuyers to abandon their dreams of home ownership.”  source

          If home prices dropped another 50%, the vast majority of buyers could not purchase them without a mortgage loan. If interest rates dropped to zero, it would not change the market if lenders do not make loans.  The access to mortgage money is the current roadblock to revival of the real estate market.

 You want results, we deliver.

          If you are considering selling your home, we will offer a full service listing for a rate between 5% and 6% (this does not apply to sellers that are in a “short sale status”).  If the home is priced right (based on local market, condition and location) it will sell!  Our fee is lower than most and you keep the difference. Money in your pocket, results, we deliver.

          If you are considering making a purchase, we will do everything possible to make sure you are aware of down payment assistance that is available to you (Everyone’s situation is different…don’t assume their is no help for you). Should you be successful in finding and purchasing a home, we will make sure you receive a rebate on the purchase price (this offer is not available if you were referred to us by a Broker that has to be paid a referral fee).

          A successful real estate transaction is possible today. You just have to exercise your right and choose an agent that will deliver.  You want results … we deliver !

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Washington’s Fine Properties

Washington DC has some of the finest properties in the area for sale.  The thing that amazes me is that those that own these properties and are attempting to sell them seem to have forgotten the basics of selling your home.  Maybe over the years, these folks have missed the changes that have taken place in real estate sales.  The only difference between these homes and homes in the suburbs is the number of zeros in the asking price and the location of the dirt they occupy.

They are still homes.  If marketed properly, they will sell.

I have had the opportunity to represent buyers seeking one of these fine Washington properties.  They did not use one of those out of date, flashy publications to do their search.  They did not flip through the Washington Post looking for a home.  They did not receive a post card in the mail that brought the home to their attention.

They found the information they were seeking right here on the world wide web.  

When representing these buyers, I have been perplexed by the limited opportunity to view homes.  Everyone can understand the desire to limit viewings to people that actually are in the market to buy.  It doesn’t matter if you are in a two bedroom condo in Germantown, Maryland or 6 bedroom home in Georgetown, Washington DC.  No one wants people that have neither the inclination nor wherewithal to purchase wandering through their home.  That being said, it is safe to share that bringing a buyer to one of the million dollar plus properties is often next to impossible.

During the listing appointment, I have no doubt the agents showed the glossy magazines and shared that they had a bevy of interested parties, etc.  I am sure they poo pooed negotiating commission.  Everything was shared in a manner that implied the agent was on the same social level as those wanting to sell.  Somebody forget to share that this is not a social endeavor, it is an attempt to sell your home for market value as quickly as possible. End of story.

It doesn’t matter if you are selling a home for $250,000 or $2,500,000.  The home has to be available.  Far be it from me to suggest a nefarious purpose behind making homes difficult to view.  There are some that might suggest that the listing agent is more available if they can get both sides of the deal.  Perish the thought.  It did strike me as odd that several weeks of attempting to view some homes have been met with excuses like the listing agent had to work at a charity event and could not make arrangements for the home to be shown.  Do the sellers really believe that the home will be sold quickly when it is not available to be seen?

Let me share.  If you list with me, your home will be available to anyone that is qualified to buy it.  Your home will be marketed where buyers are actually looking for homes.  I will be available to show your home as necessary. Oh, and I will do all of that for 4.5%.  My commission rate does not change.  Keep that in mind as your property just sits there waiting for a buyer.

If you are interested, just click on this CONTACT ME link.

Charity? Charity begins at home

I can not be the only person that has seen real estate agents promote their business with statements like “we donate a percentage of every commission check to (fill in the name of any charity).  I suppose they are hoping to bond with folks that support the same charity.  Some of them use the old stand by catch all…”we will make a donation to the charity of your choice”.  Really?  Charity begins at home.

Let me get this straight, if you are hired to perform a job, when you are paid you will donate some of your hard earned money to a charity. Does that sound about right?  I think it is admirable to donate a portion of your income to charities. God knows, I have done so all of my adult life.  Now that is about as much as I would share.  Those of you that know me personally know that I have continued to support the efforts to rebuild following Hurricane Katrina. That is my choice and other than this note, I keep it to myself. I do offer rebates to buyers and sellers.

Charity begins at home. I do not believe that your choice of a real estate agent should be a factor in which charity you support and how much you want to support them.  While my personal giving is impacted by my income, it really doesn’t have much to do with one individual transaction and it certainly doesn’t make me any more or less qualified to represent clients. I think my clients deserve the right to pick and choose how they spend their money.  If they want to support a particular charity, I think they should be free to do so, with their own money.

I suppose this is yet another reason starting with contracts signed after April 15, 2011, we offer a rebate of a portion of the commission earned on sales to our clients. It is a much better system to allow them the freedom to do what they want with the money.  If they want to send it all to the “Rebuild Tibetan Monasteries Fund”, then they should be free to do so.  Our goal is to put money back in their pocket.  Charity begins at home.  If you are considering the purchase or sale of a home, we make sure our clients receive a rebate.  If you would like to know more, just click on this CONTACT US,  we will follow up with you.

My name is John MacArthur. I work with Remax Realty Centre. My partner Lourdes Tudela and I encourage you to Experience the Difference.

Momma said..Don’t talk to strangers

I know. I know. It seems like I am often quoting Momma.  In the past, I shared that Momma always warned you not to go out without protection.  That was pretty important advice and those that heeded it are much better off today.  Another important admonition shared by Momma was “Don’t talk to strangers”.

Let’s say you are thinking about buying a home.  You sign on to the internet (you are reading this, so you are a pretty savvy internet used) and begin a search for homes in your area.  It doesn’t matter which search terms you use as long as you get the general area correct.  If you are using your google machine, you will get around 164,000 sites to view within but a fraction of a second.  Other than the few paid for sites at the top of the list, it is a real techno crap shoot as to which sites appear next.  You can click on any of them and find pretty much the same information.  Most people check out two or three as they search. The layouts are different and you may have the illusion that one site will have properties that another does not have.  That is not the case, but folks check a few out anyway.

Most of the sites offer you a chance to save the homes you viewed.  Some promise to send you listings that meet your criteria, thereby helping you avoid signing in and starting a search from scratch.  If either of those options appeal to you, you fill out the minimal information.  The request seems innocent enough.

Pretty soon you will receive a phone call or two or three or more.  Strangers will be calling, offering to help you in your search.  The will seem pleasant enough.  By the time you wonder, how did they get your number, you will possibly feel obligated to give them a chance.  They bought your name. They bought your number. They bought your email address.  They bought every piece of information you entered in the form. They bought you.

Most of you did not even know you were for sale. Most of you did not know that a stranger could buy the information and then act like “they were assigned to assist you“.  Illusions created in phone conversations often hide the fact, your information was bought and paid for.

We think you deserve the opportunity to get to know a little bit about an agent before they are acting on your behalf.  We think you are the buyer and you deserve the respect and consideration of those that work in our industry. You should have the ability to check out someone before you start sharing personal information.

We are not gong to buy you.  Nope, it is our belief that you deserve a rebate on the purchase.  Why should some stranger running a website benefit from your purchase?  You probably need the money a whole lot more than the folks running some slick website.  So we rebate a portion of our commission right back to you after the sale. We do it above board and in compliance with Maryland Law.

Check us out. Have a conversation with us. Get to know us. Like Momma said..Don’t talk to strangers.  We have a contact form that can be reached by filling out this LINK.  We have no hidden agenda.  We want to represent you in the purchase of a home and we are willing to put a portion of what we earn right back in your pocket.

I am John MacArthur and I invite you to “experience the difference.”