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United States Capitol at DuskThe DC Metro area on the Maryland side of the bridge features everything from “city life” to rolling hills, pastural settings and “down on the farm” style living. The towns and neighborhoods that make up the area offer a multitude of choices.

The purpose of this blog is to offer an insight into the various areas in Maryland that are within “commuting distance” of our Nation’s Capital. The different neighborhoods in DC itself will also be covered.

Each neighborhood will be “tagged” as it is written and you will be able to search for them by using the tags on the right hand side of the page. The tags will include the County, the town, the post office designation, the zip code when possible and of course the community label as well.

If you are attempting to find out information about a community that has not been covered, please request information by writing to macarthurgroup@gmail.com

The essays are just one man’s opinion. The will endeavor to portray the feel of the neighborhood by pointing out commuting issues, local shopping and other features.

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