Momma said there’ll be daze like this

“I’m not sure you understood me”

When you think back, momma had a lot of advice.  Sadly, a lot of it went in one ear and out the other.  Advice shared was not heeded and lessons learned the hard way followed. Momma said this and momma said that.  Sometimes, we heard and other times we thought we heard what was being shared.  There were many times when words were spoken and we assumed we heard exactly what was being said.  Not so fast grasshopper. Momma never said “there’ll be days like this”.

Momma said “there’ll be DAZE like this”.  Of course it was easy to misunderstand.  You had just suffered some calamity and were at a loss to understand how it happened.  At that moment, your world was upside down and in your heart you were sure things would never get better.  Momma would hug you and whisper “there’ll be daze like this”, and you would think she was saying bad days happen. Not so.  Momma was sharing that life is confusing and often when bad things happen, we did not have a clear picture of reality.  Momma said “there’ll be daze like this”.

Momma could have been referring to the process of buying a house. Even the most well informed buyer is faced with a dearth of information that at times seems contradictory.  Where do you begin?  How do you sort out all the homes that are on the market?  What is the difference in things that need to be disclosed?  What does all the paperwork I am asked to sign really mean?  It seems like every time you take two little steps forward, confusion erupts and you take three steps back.  It is so confusing you end up in a daze.  Momma said “there’ll be daze like this”.

More times than I can remember, if I asked for more information, I was directed “ask your father”. Momma always had the best advice on matters of the heart.  When it came to dealing with the world and finances and things of that nature, she always pointed us towards our dad.  If dad did not have the answer, he would go get the answer from an expert in the field. If you are confused about the steps to take and the pitfalls to avoid in the home buying process, you are not alone.

Remember, Momma said “there’ll be daze like this”.  In this situation, she would also share, “Real estate questions? Let’s ask an expert! Call that John MacArthur fellow. His number is 301-509-5111.”