4.5% Listing Feedback…Still think you need to pay 5 or 6%?

Sure, there will always be naysayers.  There will always be those that refuse to accept that you could possibly receive a full service listing of your home for only 4.5%.

This is an unedited note from one of our recent clients. (Oh, the house sold in about two weeks!)

Hi John and Lourdes,

Sorry not to have written sooner.  It is just today that we’ve gotten our internet service in our house in Cambridge.

We are writing to thank you again and to express our appreciation for your help with the recent sale of our house in Derwood.  We’re very happy with the results.

You helped us work out the right price and get a solid contract in less than 3 weeks.  From start to finish, the whole process was uncomplicated and your advice helped us make good choices.  It seems to us that one special way you made our sale happen is by how well you leveraged the internet.

Recently, when searching for our new home in Cambridge, Barbara and I learned how important it is to have good internet presence.  We looked long and hard on-line and had a pretty good idea of what we were interested in before we ever contacted an agent for help.  That’s a big reason why, when it came time to get an agency’s help with listing and selling our Derwood house, we felt you were the right team to help us.   We think your detailed on-line listings – with great photos – and the articles and blogs you wrote got us sold quickly.  And, that this had a lot to do with our receiving two offers – with one being from out of state.

We’re very fortunate to have had such good guidance.

Many, many thanks,

Scott and Barbara Yann

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How do I pick a Realtor?

How do I pick a Realtor? I suppose I hear that question more than any other.  I read it on ask.com. I read it on yahoo?  The question shows up on zillow and trulia on a regular basis.  I have read the answers offered by “experts”.  Yes, I did say answers.  Depending on whom is answering, the answers range from ask a friend or family member or pick a few and set up an interview process.

Let’s say you opt for asking a friend.  Which friend will you ask?  Maybe you will ask a family member for advice? Your comfort level with the answer will be subconsciously linked to your comfort level with the person you ask and your perception of their ability to give you a good answer. It is a simple question, how do I pick a Realtor?

And what if you do pick a few and set up an interview process, will you really feel confidant that the few you picked were the cream of the crop available?  Isn’t it possible that the first time something goes wrong, you will begin to doubt. It is a simple question, how do I pick a Realtor?

Before you head down the wrong road and put yourself in the hands of the wrong person, let’s go over some basics. You are starting the process of making a large financial transaction.  It really doesn’t matter if this is your first  home purchase or the last time you plan on selling a home.  Right now, it is the most important transaction of your life. You should be very sure that the agent you choose is going to get the job done for you.

The fact that you are here and reading this indicates that we both are internet savvy.  I wrote this and posted it on the internet.  You did a search or clicked a link and here you are.  Small point, but very important to note, your Realtor has to be internet savvy.  It is not enough to have a fancy website.  Fancy websites are not created by Realtors. They pay fancy website people good money to create them.  A good Realtor will have great deal more substance than style. It is better to deal with ugly facts than rely on pretty promises.

A good Realtor is going to offer more than texting and tweeting and emailed listings.  Fifth graders have accomplished texting and tweeting.  You have to be smarter than a fifth grader to be a good Realtor.  Anyone that has a license and access to an idx feed can send you listings.  All listings come from the same source. It is not top secret or magic anymore.  You can visit any major broker, homesdatabase.com, and scads of sites that ask you to sign up to see listings ( the small print gives them the right to sell your name to an agent. The agent does not have to be qualified, the agent only needs to have a valid credit card and willingness to pay for leads).  A good Realtor doesn’t buy you, he earns your trust.

New agents have passed the necessary test to get their license.  The industry does not like to reveal the fact that the license requirements for your barber ( you know, the one that charges $20 to cut your hair) are more extensive than the requirements to earn a real estate license.  There is no formal apprenticeship program.  You get your license and brokers greet you with a smile, a handful of gimme and a mouth full of much obliged. Odds are in your favor that someone that has been licensed for over 5 years might be a better bet.  A good Realtor doesn’t practice on you, he has been involved in the practice of real estate.

I have pondered the question for quite some time.  I am a good Realtor.  Exactly what quality do I offer that gives me the confidence to make that statement?  I asked past clients.  I asked people that I worked with and our effort was not successful.  I wanted to know.  The answer was a simple word.  Oh, I expected prompt, honest, hard working, fair, good listener, responsive, tech savvy and lots of other terms that have been bandied about.  I was surprised at the most frequent answer.  I thought about it. It is the one thing people like you are seeking when trying to choose a Realtor.

Security.  One word that speaks volumes. You want to be secure in the fact that your Realtor knows what the hell he is doing.  You want to be secure in the fact  that your Realtor is competent enough to not only accomplish your goal but will do so in a fashion where your best interests are protected. You don’t want to worry. You want to know everything will be all right.  You just want Security.  It takes the experience of 100’s of transactions to develop a solid sense of how things are going and to be able to spot a fly in the ointment.  It takes experience to offer that security.

How do I pick a Realtor?  I might suggest you start right here.  I have the experience to offer you the security you are seeking.  My name is John MacArthur.  I can be reached via this LINK Oh, you can text me at 301-509-5111 if you choose. A good Realtor is approachable. I encourage you to experience the difference.

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