Momma said..Don’t talk to strangers

I know. I know. It seems like I am often quoting Momma.  In the past, I shared that Momma always warned you not to go out without protection.  That was pretty important advice and those that heeded it are much better off today.  Another important admonition shared by Momma was “Don’t talk to strangers”.

Let’s say you are thinking about buying a home.  You sign on to the internet (you are reading this, so you are a pretty savvy internet used) and begin a search for homes in your area.  It doesn’t matter which search terms you use as long as you get the general area correct.  If you are using your google machine, you will get around 164,000 sites to view within but a fraction of a second.  Other than the few paid for sites at the top of the list, it is a real techno crap shoot as to which sites appear next.  You can click on any of them and find pretty much the same information.  Most people check out two or three as they search. The layouts are different and you may have the illusion that one site will have properties that another does not have.  That is not the case, but folks check a few out anyway.

Most of the sites offer you a chance to save the homes you viewed.  Some promise to send you listings that meet your criteria, thereby helping you avoid signing in and starting a search from scratch.  If either of those options appeal to you, you fill out the minimal information.  The request seems innocent enough.

Pretty soon you will receive a phone call or two or three or more.  Strangers will be calling, offering to help you in your search.  The will seem pleasant enough.  By the time you wonder, how did they get your number, you will possibly feel obligated to give them a chance.  They bought your name. They bought your number. They bought your email address.  They bought every piece of information you entered in the form. They bought you.

Most of you did not even know you were for sale. Most of you did not know that a stranger could buy the information and then act like “they were assigned to assist you“.  Illusions created in phone conversations often hide the fact, your information was bought and paid for.

We think you deserve the opportunity to get to know a little bit about an agent before they are acting on your behalf.  We think you are the buyer and you deserve the respect and consideration of those that work in our industry. You should have the ability to check out someone before you start sharing personal information.

We are not gong to buy you.  Nope, it is our belief that you deserve a rebate on the purchase.  Why should some stranger running a website benefit from your purchase?  You probably need the money a whole lot more than the folks running some slick website.  So we rebate a portion of our commission right back to you after the sale. We do it above board and in compliance with Maryland Law.

Check us out. Have a conversation with us. Get to know us. Like Momma said..Don’t talk to strangers.  We have a contact form that can be reached by filling out this LINK.  We have no hidden agenda.  We want to represent you in the purchase of a home and we are willing to put a portion of what we earn right back in your pocket.

I am John MacArthur and I invite you to “experience the difference.”