Olney Maryland is really a nice home town

Olney Maryland is really a nice home town!

Located 7 miles north of the ICC/Georgia Avenue intersection (it will open late in 2010), Olney still has the old town feeling of days gone by in Montgomery County. It is a community of neighborhoods. Streets are tree lined and summers find them filled with children riding bikes, skateboards and roller skates. Cul de sacs are quiet and chalk outlines of four square games remain at the end of each day.

The town has Sherwood High School and Good Counsel High School located in the eastern section (both are on route 108 heading east out of the town center). Sherwood produces an award winning Rock N Roll revival every year. The link to the clips will provide you with enjoyment. Good Counsel, recently moved from Wheaton Maryland to the new campus site. You may have seen their football team on ESPN as they were featured last year is big game against rival Dematha.

On your way to either campus from town center, you will pass by Olney Theatre, a mainstay of summer stock and seasonal performances. The theater has a long time relationship with Catholic University and the Hartke Theater.

Olney’s summers are filled with a farmers market and evening concerts. The concerts are provided in part by the Chamber of Commerce. The chamber offers many services and you should check out their website.

Relay for Life

The folks in Olney are a community. This past weekend they held the Relay for Life. Thousands of everyday people walked and walked and walked to honor, remember and support those that have faced down or succumb to cancer. As the sun set, tea candles in bags surrounding the quarter mile track at Sherwood were lit….each one commemorating a loved one. The light shone and the splendor of a community unity lit the night.

On one weekend every month, the anti-war group and pro- war group man different sides of the main intersection in town peacefully supporting their point of view. It is a town where both sides are comfortable passionately sharing their perspective. Olney is a nice home town.

Housing in Olney is as varied as any taste might desire. Condos, town homes, planned neighborhoods and single family homes on large lots are available. The area is serviced by Montgomery County Schools. There is a library, post office and a few taverns.

Food choices run the gamut of gastronomical delight. There is fine dining at Mannequin Pis and a tasty burger at the Olney Tavern. Pizza and chinese are available for sit down and delivery.

If you would like to research moving to Olney, feel free to contact us at 301-509-5111. We don’t just drive through town. We call Olney home and look forward to sharing why we love home with you.

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Olney, MD… one of Maryland’s best kept secrets. . . revealed

This month our feature area is Olney, Maryland. Olney, Maryland is located about 20 miles north of Washington, DC. It remains one of the nicest neighborhoods in Montgomery County. Oh, Takoma Park residents can lay claim to being the most eclectic, but those that live and visit Olney know that “like a good neighbor, Olney is there”.


There really isn’t a “town center” in the Olney area. Various shopping centers located in and around the intersection of Georgia Avenue and Olney-Sandy Spring Road ( that is 97 & 108 to the locals) try to lay claim to being the focal point, but those that live and love the area know that it is spread out just a bit.

One of the true delights about this community is the diverse attractions that are nestled in spots very close to the main road cross section. It is a community made up of neighborhoods that loosely surround that Georgia Avenue and Olney-Sandy Spring intersection.

If you travel west on Route 108, past the shops and post office you will discover the playing fields of the Olney Boys and Girls Club. These fields are filled with children competing at different levels every season. In the fall, you can enjoy the delights of the “field of screams” (an annual fund raising and hair raising event that is open to the public).


Seasonal Family Fun

A trip north of the crossroads will take you to the Inn at Brookeville Farms. The Inn at Brookeville Farms is an excellent choice for an enchanting night out, a special occasion, or just a fun evening with family and friends. The restaurant menu features classic American cuisine with a variety of choices including the finest beef, fresh seafood, and succulent lamb along with local and regional specialties. An extensive wine list encompasses choices from the great vineyards in France to the best wines from California as well as selections from Australia to South Africa.


The ambiance of yesterday

The Inn at Brookeville Farms

Travelling east from the intersection of Georgia and 108 will lead you to the Olney Theatre Center. The Olney Theatre Center, once a home of “summer stock” has become a year round source of wonderful live productions. The Olney Theatre Center enjoys a rich tradition of over 60 years. The theater’s founder, Steve Cochran, dreamed originally of opening a straw-hat theater in a relaxing country setting accessible to both Washington and Baltimore. On July 25, 1938, the theater opened its doors for the first time with a production of Ladislaus Bus-Fekete’s “The Lady Has a Heart,” which starred Elissa Landi of “movie fame.” Early playbills dubbed the playhouse “The South’s First Professional Summer Theatre” and over the years, some of the biggest names in theater and film.


Olney Theatre Center

Heading south from the intersection of Georgia Avenue and 108 will lead you to the Olney Golf Park. Golf enthusiast have found this facility one of the finest in the DC metro area. It is a fact that the staff will make sure that you have all the tools necessary to get in that important practice before your next round. They also have a fully stocked pro shop. The main reason this stop is high lighted has to do with their commitment to our troops. They run a program for disabled veterans and all of the pro’s donate their time to offering those that have served instruction and encouragement. Their focus on giving back exemplifies the nature of community spirit that exists in every corner of this community.


Olney Golf Park

There are so many features of this community that they can not all be mentioned here. Local’s know the delight of walking in to a local tavern or pub and having everyone know your name. Sherwood High School is supported by the community and fall friday evenings see the team play before a packed house. The local hospital has a summer event which is always a fun day.

If you are looking for a place to hang your hat, raise your family or retire comfortably, you really should take a look at this jewel, just 20 miles north of our Nation’s Capital.

If you would like to know more about Olney, MD or any of the surrounding neighborhoods, give me a call at 301-509-5111. As always, you can search for properties by clicking … here.