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It is easy to toot your own horn. We certainly appreciate kind words from consumers that we have worked with in one capacity or another. We welcome feedback and reviews from our clients, good, bad or ugly (we sure hope there aren’t any bad or ugly. We really try to please and that is our goal). Below you will find several different places that you can leave reviews. Some might require registration, some may just offer you a chance to share your experience.. You can also post a review right here on this page using the reply form at the bottom. We attempt to provide amazing customer service and welcome all feedback. You’re welcome to read what others have posted about us here. Those remarks are below as well.. Please, tell us about your experience. Just click on an icon below to get started… zillow




But, don’t just take our word for it. The comments below are our version of Consumer Reports.

34 thoughts on “Consumer Reports

  1. John is the only real estate agent I have ever worked with who I feel has truly earned his commission. He goes over and above. John is heads above his peers

  2. John is a very capable, honest realtor who will go that extra mile to insure you are satisfied and given a just and fair deal. He is a caring guy who will treat you fairly and you will enjoy working with. I easily recommend John for all your real estate needs.

  3. John is a true real estate professional who combines passion, integrity, and a deep knowledge of real estate to produce outstanding results

  4. John and Lourdes are incredible agents with extraordinarily gentle souls. Their advice is always full of wisdom that can only have been gleaned through the many years of genuinely caring about every detail, and at the end of the day, it’s always personal for them. Anyone who uses them to represent them is just pure lucky.

  5. John is the consummate real estate professional. He is well versed in the intricacies of the real estate market and has a depth of knowledge of real estate matters that is unparalleled among his peers. John also embodies all that represents the best in an individual as evidenced by his exceptional personal integrity and complete honesty. I highly recommend John to anyone who is considering hiring him as their representative in the real estate market or otherwise.

  6. You are a man of great reason, wit, eloquence, and superior rationality. I am pleased and proud to share this profession with someone of your exceptional caliber.

  7. John helped Levi and me purchase our new home and guided us through the current real estate market and mayhem with precision and his experience. John is not your “typical” agent – no hype, no flashy sales pitches… straight education and facts and to the point. If only we multiplied John several thousand times and spread him around the country, we’d probably see some great movement in real estate.

  8. Lourdes is very reliable and experienced professional, also a very honest and trustworthy person. I definitely recommend her!

  9. John is a veteran of the Montgomery Country real estate business and provides personal service to all clients. He is a pleasure to work with and always “delivers” for his clients.

  10. Lourdes is a personable caring real estate agent who will always sacrifice herself to make sure her clients needs are being met. She spends endless hours perfecting the real estate experience and taking the worries and stress off her clients. In addition to Lourdes’ endless patience, she brings incredible knowledge to the table. For the best results and a worry free real estate experience, Lourdes Tudela is the agent for you

  11. John was highly recommended to my by a long time colleague and friend; his blog is intriguing and informative; his team is top notch!

  12. John and Lourdes,

    Sorry not to have written sooner. It is just today that we’ve gotten our internet service in our house in Cambridge.

    We are writing to thank you again and to express our appreciation for your help with the recent sale of our house in Derwood. We’re very happy with the results.

    You helped us work out the right price and get a solid contract in less than 3 weeks. From start to finish, the whole process was uncomplicated and your advice helped us make good choices. It seems to us that one special way you made our sale happen is by how well you leveraged the internet.

    Recently, when searching for our new home in Cambridge, Barbara and I learned how important it is to have good internet presence. We looked long and hard on-line and had a pretty good idea of what we were interested in before we ever contacted an agent for help. That’s a big reason why, when it came time to get an agency’s help with listing and selling our Derwood house, we felt you were the right team to help us. We think your detailed on-line listings – with great photos – and the articles and blogs you wrote got us sold quickly. And, that this had a lot to do with our receiving two offers – with one being from out of state.

    We’re very fortunate to have had such good guidance.

    Many, many thanks,

  13. John is the real estate man to go to…really cares about his clients (and his lender). Experienced and professional to the tee (no pun intended).

  14. John, I love this comment you made: “My faith eliminates the need for any Realtor’s Code of Ethics, I answer to a much higher authority.” I am the same way and can’t think of better words to describe it than what you said.

  15. All the technology knowledge in the world cannot take the place of your experience and ability to relate to both buyers and sellers.

  16. More Americans should heed your words. There’s more to life than than the go-go-go that we’ve always been conditioned to. That’s why we decided a few months to beging the process of unaccumulating things and downsizing our lives. It’s time to smell some flowers!!

  17. John and Lourdes are great for first time home buyers. Both agents worked hard to find us the perfect home in our price range. John and Lourdes were very honest in their thoughts on the homes that we looked at and never pressured us to buy something just so they could make a little bit of money off of us. This helped because as naive first time home buyers we knew we didn’t want to get ourselves into something that was not going to work out in the long run.
    When we finally found the house that we wanted there were quite a few “hiccups”. Thank God we had great agents to help us along the way (John even agreed to talk to my very overprotective father a few times which he definitely did not have to do!). The day before closing we found out that the agent on the other end never expressed to her clients that they needed to fix all of the things that were stipulated in the contract. John handled the situation so well and was able to get everything fixed by the end of the day and we were still able to close on time! Both of them were very understanding and very comforting during these stressful moments of buying a home. I would recommend them to anyone, especially first time home buyers who have no idea what this journey entails!

  18. I contacted John MacArthur in regards to finding a home for my children who were starting college at Towson University. Once I made that phone call John was ready, willing and able to start the search. After numerous houses we finally found the right one, it was located in Parkville Maryland. Before we even went to any of the homes John checked the location and the surroundings to make sure it was a safe environment for my kids. We purchased our home and I cannot tell you how happy our family is with our purchase. My kids love the area, the surroundings in which they live is safe for both of them and they love their neighbors. When we are ready to buy again I could not imagine going with anyone other than John.

  19. I really like Lourdes and John and could fill this space up with platitudes but I’ll let the facts speak for themselves. These guys worked with me for over a 18 months during an absolutely crazy period in the housing market (2008-2010) during which time we looked at over 100 properties together. I finally had an offer accepted on what I consider to be the best house we saw together and am absolutely delighted with the end result three years later. All their efforts with me might make sense if I were buying a multi-million dollar home, but it was quite the opposite in being a first-time home buyer with a modest income. This speaks volumes to their dedication and egalitarian spirit, where each client is very important.

    I love my house so much, I don’t know that I will ever buy another, but I pass their contact info on to everyone I meet who is looking for a good realtor.

  20. John and Lourdes worked tirelessly to guide my wife, newborn son, and I to our first home. Our budget was south of modest, but John and Lourdes made us feel valued. They listened to what we placed importance on and brought us to home after home. It took time and loads of effort on their part. John was always honest with me and knew what to look for even when I didn’t. Looking for a home can make a guy feel like a real rube when you’ve never done it before. John and Lourdes will look out for you. My boy is 2 1/2 now and we have a home with a backyard where we can run around and play. How can it get any better than that? Thank you, John and Lourdes.

  21. John will always be an angel in my eyes. I must have had the worst sales situation imaginable, but John hung in with me and successfully got the job done. Most agents would have given up. John’s years of experience and wide contacts in the area were the difference between success and failure. I highly recommend him, he is honest, persistent and supremely professional.

  22. John and Lourdes are professionals and a credit to the industry. From the staging of the home to prepare it to sell, through the selling process( which took only 4 Days ) to the settlement. These are wonderful and experienced realtors who made selling a home an easy and stressless event. I would highly recommend them and have to anyone interested in selling or buying a home.
    Thank you John and Lourdes, and now I am enjoying my retirement in Florida, all thanks to you.

  23. My husband and I are thrilled with our new home and are so grateful for John and Lourdes’s help through out the entire process. We were first time home buyers with a very limited budget and lots of questions. They were both very patient with us, extremely thorough, very responsive, and always took the time to answer all of our questions.. They guided us through the entire process and looked out for our best interest along the way. We would recommend them to anyone looking to buy or sell a home.

  24. John MacArthur is the best real estate agent EVER. He went above and beyond what most people are used to from other agents. He stood on the front line for me and my family. One thing I’ll never forget that John did was to crawl underneath the house looking for the water hookup I believe it was, something I wasn’t even willing to do. I truly appreciate John for the personal and caring home search he provided for us.

  25. John and Lourdes have been amazing. They have been very personal, helpful, informative and professional. They went the extra mile to have the job done. It was a pleasure to work with them and I will recommend anyone to hire their services.

  26. Hi Frank,

    I’ve been meaning to email you for a while. I want to send a photo of the place when I’m done decorating. We are really happy with it though, and we had a great experience with John. He knows a lot about the city (especially Adams Morgan, where we were originally looking). He also (correctly) talked us out of buying the first place we made an offer on after a bad home inspection. He didn’t have a good feeling about the builder and it looked like the guy cut a lot of corners in the renovation (we think he didn’t even insulate the roof). He was just really helpful in general in terms of organizing things with the lender and seller, and his wife was very involved too.

    All in all, we are very happy with the new place and the new neighborhood.

    Congratulations on the new baby! Boy or girl?



  27. Frank,

    Sorry this took me so long. Yes, John was great and presented a customer-service based approach that stood in stark contrast to Redfin. I do not claim to know much about real-estate (other than what I forgot from my first-year Property Law class) and Redfin’s volume based business model is not what a first-time home buyer in DC needs. If you know exactly where you want to buy and happen to find the one place reasonably priced home in DC that no one else knows about, maybe Redfin makes sense. If on the other hand, you are not a real-estate expert or a DC real estate expert, then you need someone who will actually take the time to understand your needs, wants, and must-haves.

    We went on three tours with Redfin, none of which were given by people who would actually act as our real estate agent if we were to make an offer. Two of them did not know the first thing about the area or the property, the third was outstanding and actually prepared for the tour and we actually thought about sticking with them until we found out the morning of our third tour that someone else would be giving the tour. It is funny that you ask about them because we had actually decided to rent for another year before John called me. After we spoke, we decided to give our home search another month and we are (so far at least) happy that we did.

    John, prior to us signing a piece of paper, spent an hour-plus with me on the phone answering questions I had about the process, the market, the cost, etc., and gave me honest answers that in some ways suggested buying may not be right for us. If you value honesty and knowledge about the area, and someone who will answer the phone at 11 p.m. or 6 a.m., then you should use John MacArthur or another “real” real-estate agent, not an entity with a great website that merely unlocks the front of the home you are about to tour.

    If you need anything else, let me know.


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