10502 Hayes Avenue Silver Spring MD

This is how I first remember the home at 10502 Hayes Avenue Silver Spring Maryland.  Of course, my earliest memories of the home go all the way back to 1963. My friend Bob Merrbach lived here with his mom and dad.  Bob and I and several of our friend spent the summer at MacDonald Knolls recreation center. We played softball, ping pong and badminton. It was the last summer of our youth. Boyhood games were soon traded for cars, part-time jobs and high school.  We still gathered here.  Late night phone calls, plaintively sharing sweet nothings, to my first real girlfriend originated from the family room in the basement.  Three of us listened to Cassius Clay beat Sonny Liston for the heavyweight title on the old RCA radio here. Pop taught us how to change oil in the driveway. It was really the quintessential all-American home.  We all grew up and moved away. Bob’s parents stayed until one after another they passed on.  Bob ended up moving back in a few years ago and now it is time to finally move on.

This is the house today.  The floor plan is still the same. The front door opens to a large living room that features original hardwood floors and a wood burning fireplace.  The picture window allows lots of sunlight during the day.  The hardwoods gleam!  The eat-in kitchen is behind the living room. Bob put down a new floor.  Did I mention that the upstairs has been repainted?  The two bedrooms are on this floor.  The front bedroom is the larger of the two but the rear bedroom is large enough for a queen bed.  The main floor bathroom has been spiffed up.  There is probably storage space in the attic, but Bob’s father preferred to fill the space with insulation. The insulation kept heating and cooling bills lower all the years the family has owned the home.

Downstairs is the large finished family room and a bar.  There is also a full bath with a shower.  The laundry area features a washer and dryer.  The furnace is only 15 years old.  The memories are timeless.

The home is well landscaped and the backyard is fully fenced-in.  Pop’s old shed is still out in the corner (sorry the “Pop’s Garage” sign does not convey).  There is a small patio and room for planting a garden. The yard gets plenty of sunlight during the afternoon.

Today, people are pretty concerned with location. When Pop bought the place, he just wanted a decent place to raise his son. The location remains terrific. You have your pick of three or four subway stops. You can drive through the park and take Forest Glen Road to the Forest Glen stop. Continue farther down Sligo Creek Parkway to Colesville Road and use the Silver Spring Stop. If you would rather use Wheaton, it is a short drive down University Boulevard and if you prefer Glenmont, you can go across Arcola to Georgia.  Don’t over look the fact that there is a Marc Train stop in Kensington as well as Silver Spring.

The area has grown, but you are still close to Wheaton Regional Park, Brookside Gardens, Sligo Creek Golf Course and Sligo Creek Park.  Feeling adventurous? Sugarloaf Mountain, the Chesapeake Bay and Potomac River are all a short drive away.  Downtown Silver Spring has outdoor events all summer, Wheaton features the “Taste of Wheaton” and when summer turns to fall, you are but a 30 minute drive from the County Fair in Gaithersburg.

Commuting to downtown DC?  You have many ways to get there. Sure, you can use the Metro and one of the four Redline stops I mentioned or you can drive in using one of the many under utilized roads downtown or you can bike your way to work. The choice is yours. Work from home? Choose between Verizon fios or Comcast, both are available for your internet needs.

The one thing that pictures can’t convey, there was a lot of love in this home.  A little boy grew up there and became one of my life long friends. I feel privileged to have  been asked to help him sell the home.  As we went through each room, there was always a story and a memory.  We shared the anxieties that teen aged boys faced and realized that it is time.  It is time to open the door to a new owner. It is time to allow someone new create memories. It is time.

The house is on the market. Soon, someone will bring an offer and this chapter will close. It’s time.

If you would like more information about the home, feel free to contact me at 301-509-5111.

ps to the Merrbach’s … thank’s for the memories!

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13205 Clifton Road Silver Spring MD 20904

The home at 13205 Clifton Road, Silver Spring, MD 20904 looks a lot like the other homes in the Buckley Downs neighborhood.  You drive down Clifton Road from Randolph Road and you quickly notice a change in your surroundings. There are trees and birds and the hustle and bustle of the city that is just blocks away fades into the serenity of a suburban neighborhood.  Depending on the time of day, you may see neighbors out walking dogs or chatting with one another from one yard to another.  The occasional wave is subtle acknowledgement, folks are friendly here.  13205 is located about half way down Clifton. Not much farther down the road is the site of the Cannon Ridge Elementary School.  Mornings from September to June share the weekday parade of little ones as they head to class.

The neighborhood itself was born back in 1964 or 1965.  This section of Silver Spring was the distant suburbs.  New Hampshire Avenue carried a lot less traffic and the McDonalds on Randolph Road was the new kid on the fast food block.  It was a time of innocence in the suburbs. Ford had started selling the Mustang. The biggest news was the United States officially began sending combat troops into Viet Nam.  Musicals dominated entertainment with the “Sound of Music” opening and “My Fair Lady” capturing the best picture oscar.

Good things came into being in 1965, that have stood the test of time and remain sought after today.  The 1965 Ford Mustang is coveted by classic car collectors. “The Sound of Music” continues to be viewed and enjoyed by new audiences.  Homes in the Buckley Downs neighborhood, when they come on the market, are a target destination for new home buyers.

13205 Clifton Road is now on the market and available for purchase.

Walk Score for this home.

Real estate listings in the MLS (multiple listing service) always share the details. Cold hard facts if you will. They seldom have the ability to share the ambiance of the home. You really have to visit the house, explore the neighborhood and get a feel for the area.  Nothing written can replace or substitute the actual experience of being there. Once you visit, you will discover …

Guess what … the home is a perfect place for anyone and everyone.

This foyer will lead you into a remarkable house.  It is a raised rambler.  Walk through that front door, an eat in kitchen is to your left. Sure, it needs updating, but it is clean. No one is quite sure what happened to the 24″ double oven (rumors abound that an unscrupulous repairman made off with it).  The seller will certainly make an allowance towards one. Why not just put one in? Well, if a new double oven is being put in, shouldn’t the new owner pick one they like? Seems like a better way of doing things to me!

Off the kitchen, is a good-sized formal dining area that opens to a large living room.  Head down the hallway and you will find two large bedrooms on your right, a full bath on your left, two linen closets and a large master suite on your left. Oh, that’s right, the floors beneath your feet are wood (not some pretend laminate, these are the old school tongue in groove wood floors).  Just like that 1965 Mustang, they don’t make floors like this anymore.

The downstairs area is finished. Sure, the tile floor is old, but it is serviceable. The family room is huge!  There is a wood burning fireplace and sliding doors that open to a small patio.  Move through the family room and you discover a new, updated, double vanity, jetted soaking tub large bathroom. It is situated next to a very large bedroom and a smaller bedroom.  But wait…there’s more. The lower level also has a good-sized laundry room with a washer/dryer and deep sink. Beyond the laundry room, there is a storage area that is about 6 feet wide and 30 feet long.  Nestled in the back corner are the darn near new furnace and hot water heater.

The back yard includes the patio, a large storage shed and about 1/2 acre of open space and woods. The property goes all the way to the small creek that is at the bottom of the hill.  This is the suburbs, but you will see Bambi and her mom, woodpeckers, red-tailed hawks and an occasional fox.  On clear nights, you can enjoy the moon rising over the patio.  You are far enough from the city glare that you can even watch the Perseid Meteor showers every August.

Transportation thoughts?  The metro stop in Glenmont is right down the road. New Hampshire Avenue is right up the street. The ICC exit is a short distance away. You really can get on the highway quickly and that puts Baltimore, Washington, downtown Silver Spring, Rockville, Bethesda and Gaithersburg within in easy driving time.

Interested? Oh, how much?  This home can be yours for less than $350,000.  Undecided?  Call me. I will be glad to meet you there and show you around.  You might just fall in love with the place.  I can be reached at 301-509-5111

Lourdes Tudela-MacArthur  John MacArthur


12107 Red Stream Way Columbia Maryland $450,000

12107 Red Stream Way Columbia Maryland


Oops, when property was listed owners insisted on attempting to get $550,000. They missed the window and ended up selling for $430,000 with a $13,000 subsidy.  Creig Nothrup’s fine team stepped in, cut the price and moved the property.  Maybe it was the billboard?

Sometimes not listening to good advice can cost you over $25,000.

It would be easy just to share the pictures of this home. People have been telling me that “a picture tells a thousand words”.  Maybe. But maybe pictures only tell part of the story.  You might want to experience the house one snap shot in time, but we recommend stopping by for a visit.  The house has been cleaned and the kids toys have been put away.  The owners have dusted and polished.  Everything was done to prepare for your visit.

I sold the Johnson’s this house.  It was perfect for them at the time.  As I walked through the home with them, they proudly pointed out all of the changes and upgrades.  Pictures can’t capture the feeling shared.  I remember it then and it is so much better now.  A house was made a home.  But, buyers want pictures, so we took them.

Pictures can not capture how easily one can commute from this home to Baltimore or Washington. Next year, when the ICC opens completely, it will be even easier to get to Rockville and the rest of Montgomery County.  The beauty of the location is partly found in the fact that there are several ways to get from here to there. This is not a one road home community or location.

This is a picture of the nearby Lake Elkhorn.  The community has access to other lakes as well.  The picture does show one view of the lake.  You have to dig a little deeper in your imagination to really understand the quality of life that exists in Columbia.  Close your eyes and feel the warm Summer sun, visualize the trees as they turn red, yellow and gold in the Fall, you can almost hear the geese and the good-byes they shout. Try to imagine your breath dancing through the air as you walk the shore on a December morn. Remember that every Spring, flowers will bloom, petals will dance in the wind and the grey will become green again.  Pictures can’t tell that story, but it happens every year here.

A virtual tour will depict the home in “perfect” condition.  It will not show you the joy that can be shared spending an afternoon with friends on the nearby championship golf course.  Pictures can only show a two dimensional view of all the pools, the community amenities and other attractions in and around Columbia.  Sure, we could share a picture of the crowd at one of the concerts at Merriweather Post ( located right smack dab in the middle of Columbia), but would that snapshot even begin to share the fun, joy and good times that occur all summer long?  You have to actually sit on a blanket with friends, enjoy the sights and sounds… you are minutes from your front door. What may have been a long, post concert ride home, will now be a drive of but a few minutes to your front door.

One other piece of the puzzle that makes Columbia such a wonderful place to live is the fact that Howard Community College is located here. (It is next door to the Howard Community Hospital which is also nice to have in the neighborhood)

Howard Community College has a wide range of course and schedules and events that are open to everyone.  You can finish a degree or just take a course to enrich your life.  If you have high school age children, sending them to college here offers them the chance to learn from some of the areas best educators and still do homework at the kitchen table.  Is it fair to say that when times are tight, your children deserve a comfort level. The ability to obtain a higher education in your hometown, saving on housing costs looks better every day.

I sure wish I had a magic camera that could capture the sense of community and fellowship that exists in Columbia.  The focus on neighborhoods and people actually knowing one another is the foundation of friendships that last.  12107 Red Stream Way is but one home in Columbia.  It is well taken care of by the owners.  It is one home in a community that waits to welcome a new owner.

If you would be interested in seeing the home, let me know, I will  make arrangements.  If you do not have an agent representing you, I will gladly refer you to an agent. I want to sell the house, but I also want the buyer to have full representation. (This is a nice way of saying that if you think you can get a better deal by asking me to write the offer for you, the answer is no. No deal, no lack of representation.)  My name is John MacArthur and I can be reached at 301-509-5111.

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