The DC housing market … why is it so hot

Every recent market report seems to add the caveat that DC is an anomaly. Most markets are still attempting to recover from the 2006 crash. DC took a bit of a dip, but is roaring back. How can this be happening?  The economy is certainly not much better today than it has been for several years. Federal workers haven’t seen a raise in pay for a few years. If all economic indicators remain uncertain, why are homes in DC costing more every month?

The answer is as plain as day.  DC has jobs.  Very few places across the country can make the same claim. DC is a small 10 square mile area. There are only so many homes that will fit. Engineers and builders and architects can do a lot of things …. they can not create more dirt. Space is limited in DC. Put those two factors together and you have recipe for rising home prices (regardless of the economy).

This little chart covers the phenomena.  At the top, the various places new residents come from are depicted.  People moving to DC come from Universities (college dorms or off campus shared housing), their parent’s home, homes they own in other parts of the country or homes they rent elsewhere.  They want to live in or near DC and begin a search. Almost every last one of them jumps on the internet and begins their search there.  After all, there are hundreds of thousands of websites that share available homes in DC.  The majority of the people searching do not understand that the accuracy of the data is often outdated or limited at best.  For every single home/town home/row home/condo listed there is just one property. How that property is displayed has more to do with syndication by agents and brokers than it has to do with the actual property. (A word to the wise: If you want to be more successful in your search, contact an agent in the area. Talk to someone that knows more about the area than can be revealed in wikipedia or some local towns site. Boots on the ground, an ability to listen and then share information is the best way to discover DC (or any other area for that matter).

housing flow chart

As always, DC has more people wanting to live here than there are places to live.  More buyers than available homes creates an imbalance and that old supply and demand process takes over.  Multiple bids appear, prices continue to rise and the market remains “hot”.  Regardless of promises that might be made by some, the truth is you may not find a home you are seeking for the price you are willing or able to pay.  I certainly would never guarantee that home prices will continue to rise, but I promise you that I can see nothing in the marketplace that will slow down the DC market in the near or distant future.

If you are considering a move to DC, you need factually based assistance.  You need to begin the process now, rather than later. You need to begin putting together a comprehensive home buying plan today.  Remember, a comprehensive plan begins with a discussion with a lender. Know what you can comfortably afford. Then, and only then, take the next step. Contact an agent that knows DC. Speak with someone that knows the difference between Adams Morgan and Madame’s Organ. Have a conversation with some one that understands the difference between Petworth and what is a pet worth, the difference between NOMA and no mas or the difference between the Capitol and Capitol Hill.  Subtle differences of a few blocks can add 30 minutes to an hour or more to your commute each day. A map of the subway (Metorail Line) does not include information regarding ease of use or ease of transfer.  A google map of DC will not reveal the walking score of a neighborhood.

DC is my town. I was born here. I know the neighborhoods. I know the Metro stops. I know the nightlife. This is a great place to live. Before you move here and decide on an address, don’t you think we might need to talk.  My phone number is 301-509-5111.

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Federal bank regulators – the Board of Governors of the Federal Reserve System and the Office of the Comptroller of the Currency, a bureau of the U.S. Department of Treasury – are directing and monitoring the review process.

For more information, go to the government websites:  or

If you need help to complete the Request for Review Form, contact a HUD-approved nonprofit organization that helps homeowners in distress. Information about HUD-approved nonprofit organizations that can provide free assistance is available at or by calling 1-855-778-0855

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The Gospel according to John

OK, let me clear up any misconception. This gospel is not from any of those dear folks that shared information back when we switched from BC to AD. This is my gospel (good news). It is a free blogdom and these are little things that I want to share.

Why? Well, today I have accomplished surviving 66 years on this mortal coil. As the songwriter lamented, “they’re only words, but words are all I have to take your heart away”.

For background purposes (it’s always nice to know the roots of the author), let me again dip into the musing of another songwriter. “I’ve been a puppet (working three jobs while raising my children), a pauper (honestly, most real estate agents can relate to this over the last few years), a pirate (bad boy until Lenn Harley advised me about the use of images in blogs), a poet (the love of words and putting them together coarses through my blood), a pawn (I was a Manager for Long & Foster, enough said) and a king (Maria Lourdes Tudela chose me!).

Fourth paragraph, time to begin sharing before you just click away. Sort of an on-line version of Clemont Clarke Moore’s “dash away, dash away, dash away all”, too much visual prattle and the results create “click away, click away, click away all”.  So, in no particular order, here is the gospel according to John.

I found this very recently. Now, I have been in class rooms, I have read text books and I have listened to the words of some of the finest minds. This little document may be one of the most powerful tools I have ever seen. The good news? Simple solutions often can be used to resolve what appear to be complex problems.

In life, both professionally and personally, we are often struck blind by the various pieces of puzzles we face. The root of problems are dissected and examined. We break things down into minuscule particles of facts. Our vision is usually clouded by emotions that are inherent in each of us. Those emotions are directly linked to our life experiences.

It doesn’t have to be that hard to fix anything. Yes, we are a brilliant species. We have moved beyond earthly limits. We have stock piles of solutions for every sort of problem. We constantly suffer from paralysis by analysis.

Stop wringing your hands over our collective failure to act. Act now. If you are slow to move. Act now. Don’t wait to step forward with a solution to any problem. Act now. And always remember, you’re just a wave, you’re not the water.

Life goes on. On September 11th, not many of us could believe that there would be a tomorrow at all. Since then, we have seen many changes, but life has moved on. Those of us that have had the good fortune to live over 50 years probably remember the “Cuban Missile Crisis”, the Civil Rights Movement, the riots that followed the assassination of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., the sorrow that followed the death of Robert Kennedy, the New York Mets winning the pennant, the introduction of personal computers, cell phones, the fall of the Berlin Wall, Viet Nam, the Iranian Hostage Crisis, the Monica Lewinsky scandal, the acquittal of O.J. Simpson, Janet Jackson’s costume malfunction, who shot J.R., despots ruling other nations and the list goes on.

The sun always rose the next day. There has never been any crisis we have not survived. All those mentioned were on a national level. Each of us has faced what appeared to be dire situations. Life goes on. We survived.

I have learned this. You can not control anything other than your own behavior and your own reaction to events around you. Every one of us has the power to stand up when knocked down. Seconds wasted bemoaning any situation turn into hours and days lost working on the solution. Life goes on. The sooner you accept that fact, the quicker you will discover the resources you have within yourself to make the journey more pleasant. So many wonderful bits and pieces of advice are passed over when seeking deeper answers. There is a power in simplicity.

Now, it would not be fair if I did not mention real estate. Most of you that have bothered to read this far have a connection to the industry. The gospel? Every single transaction in every single town is unique. The market at any time is a measure of thousands of individual transactions. It is never locked in stone. While seemingly dead in many areas, it thrives and continues one house at a time. The  numbers fluctuate for all sorts of reasons. Each of us must get past the joy or gloom presented in the media and focus on our clients, one at a time. We are so terribly self defeating. I dare say there is not one licensed agent anywhere that is not capable of success. Knowing what to do and when to do it comes with experience. Obeying a code of ethics and continually learning your trade is the root of your growth as an agent. There is no value in measuring yourself against the piecemeal claims of others. Certainly, you will read of the great success of some agents. The everyday, plug along group draws few plaudits. In most cases,there is little newsworthy about completing a transaction. Your clients will find nothing on the evening news that will compare to their feelings about the closed transaction. You see, you change the world, one client at a time. It matters little to your client after closing if you are in the top 5% of agents or if it was your first closing. You changed their lives. As soon as you accept the power you have and understand the significance of what you do, you will find a quiet peace in your heart. You will discover why so many older agents keep plugging along. We are blessed to have chosen a field of endeavor that enables society to grow and prosper. You do make a difference, one transaction at a time.

Personally, I will close with this bit of good news. Life is worth living. There is always hope for a better tomorrow. Each of us has our own place in time. Looking within gives us the strength to look out.

Now, I have lived a lot. I have made more mistakes than I am comfortable remembering. I have accomplished a few things as well. I have two beautiful children, four delightful grandchildren and a new extended family. I have friends all across the country. I am blessed.

I also have to share that I hit damn near every bump in the road as I traveled through life. I have been arrogant, mean spirited and hurtful. I have learned to be humble, cheerful and kind. Lessons learned the hard way, but learned none the less. It is impossible to remain satiated with life’s offerings when they are accompanied by a steady diet of crow.

The good news? I apologize to any of you that I have slighted. It is not all about me, it really is “all about you”. As I have grown older, it has become vividly apparent that our journey is one of service. When we stop taking and begin giving, we put our self in position to enjoy all the things life has to offer.

Some lessons are learned in a more gentle fashion. The lovely woman in the photo with me is my wife Lourdes. Her firm belief that you must accept yourself as you are, the good and the bad, opened the door for me to step into a life I never dreamed was possible. She never stopped believing in me. She never stopped believing in us.

Today, I begin the journey through the rest of my life. I am not alone. I was never alone. As time has passed, I have slowed down and realized that focusing on what I can offer brings greater joy than striving for what I can have. It is a place that is open to all of us. We need only to step away from the trappings of ‘madison avenue” to the pure joy of main street.

So, the gospel of John (at least this portion) is simply put. The answer to most problems is much simpler that we care to admit. Regardless of the situation, it will change and regardless of the outcome, tomorrow will come. Real estate agents should focus on the power they possess without regard for how powerful they appear. Each of us will find greater joy in giving than any temporary delight found in taking.

And as always, peace be with you.

Getting around town in Washington DC

This is our Nation’s Capitol. Visitors are often overwhelmed by the traffic and feel that getting from point A to point B is next to impossible. I was born here and I suppose I find the city less intimidating. Let me breakdown how the city was laid out. It may help you understand the best way to get around. The city is broken down into four quadrants, designated Northwest, Southwest, Northeast and Southeast.

North Capitol street divides Northwest and Northeast, South Capitol Street separates Southwest and Southeast. The northern portion of the city is separated by East Capitol Street heading East and the National Mall heading west. East West streets begin as letters then progress with one, two and three sylables. Roads going north and south are predominantly numbered.

So far so good. The problem arises when you are faced with a street that does not fit the pattern. You have to remember that some roads have been added since the city was originally laid out.  Toss in the fact that until recently the city was under Congressional control and you have some hiccups along the way. Then you mix in Wards and neighborhood clusters and it becomes very confusing.

Here’s the good news. You can forget about Wards, there are eight of them but they have little to do with getting around town. Neighborhood clusters have even less to do with traffic. Of course, when you are buying a home in the city, the Ward and neighborhood cluster do matter. Then, that is also a time when the NAC or neighborhood advisory council will come into play as well. The politics of the city are far more difficult to understand than the traffic patterns.

Your best routes into the city from the north are Connecticut Avenue or 16th Street.  From the west, River Road and the George Washington Parkway will get the job done. Did I mention the George Washington Parkway is across the Potomac River? It is, but it is also easier to take the Capitol Beltway across the Legion Bridge than it is to maneuver through the narrow roads heading in from the west.

If you are coning into town from the East, you might want to use the Baltimore-Washington Parkway to 295 South and either follow New York Avenue or East Capitol Street into town. Oh, don’t overlook Benning Road off of 295 south. It will take you west and eventually turns into H St NE. Those coming from the south have to use one of the bridges from Virginia. The only thing south of Washington is the Potomac River.

If all else fails, open your iphone and go to the app store. Search for WAZE and download the free application. It will get you where you need to go with the use of a solid gps and input from all the other users on the road with you.

You might have picked the wrong agent

Buying and selling homes can be a mystery. Agents all have those fancy new gadgets that connect them to the interweb from anywhere. Agents have more initials after there name than Vanna White has spun in her career on Wheel of Fortune. Shoot, we even have our own language that is chock full of acronyms and we spout it about like everyone knows what cont/no ko means.

We can sure dazzle the public. Sad thing about it. They are never quite sure how to tell if they have picked the best agent to serve them. They walked in half blind and usually finish up unable to see. I figured it is only fair to shed a little light on the subject. If you are smarter than a fifth grader, this is an easy test for you.

If your home has been listed on the market for over 30 days and no one has come to see it…

          you might have picked the wrong agent.

If your home has been on the market and several potential buyers have come by and you still don’t have an offer.

          you might have picked the wrong agent.

If the only offers you receive are substantially below the price you think you should receive

          you might have picked the wrong agent.

If the appraisal on your home comes in well below the price on the offer

          you might have picked the wrong agent

If your home has been on the market at the same price for over 60 days with no offers

          you might have picked the wrong agent

If every offer you submit on a home is dismissed out of hand

          you might have picked the wrong agent

If you are being advised on the merits of homes you visit with no written agreement

           you might have picked the wrong agent

If your questions about an offer are answered with ” what do you think?”

          you might have picked the wrong agent

If you want to see homes and your Realtor doesn’t have time

           you might have picked the wrong agent

If you are instructed to surf the web and find homes on your own

           you might have picked the wrong agent

If you are not quite sure of who represents who in your search

          you might have picked the wrong agent

If you are told that home values will definitely be rising

         you might have picked the wrong agent

If you are advised that a home is a great investment

         you might have picked the wrong agent

If you are facing foreclosure because you are in a home you can’t afford

         you might have picked the wrong agent

If the words “those people” are uttered to you

          you might have picked the wrong agent

If every home you are shown fails to meet your criteria

         you might have picked the wrong agent

If you are asked to pay an extra broker’s fee as a seller or buyer

          you might have picked the wrong agent

If zillow figures are used to value your home or the home you want to buy

          you might have picked the wrong agent

If what someone paid for the house you want to buy is considered important

          you might have picked the wrong agent

If you are left to handle an open house on your own

          you might have picked the wrong agent

If you don’t understand the buyer agency agreement

          you might have picked the wrong agent

If you are shocked to discover what you have really signed

         you might have picked the wrong agent

If you are convinced that that other party has cheated you

         you might have picked the wrong agent

If you experience a “oh my God, that’s me” while reading this list

         you might have picked the wrong agent



I could probably go on, but there are enough kernels of wisdom for you to chew now.


Sure, I like to think that I am the right agent,


if we don’t see eye to eye and develop a good working relationship, well then, even picking me might put you in that boat

         you might have picked the wrong agent.


15 ways to be happy when buying or selling a home…

Here is a list of 15 things which, if you give up on them, will make your involvement in a real estate transaction a lot easier and much happier. Usually, everyone seems to hold on to things that cause a lot of  pain, stress and suffering. They do it in their everyday life and it carries over to their involvement in real estate transactions. It doesn’t have to be that way. Recently, I read a list of 15 things you should let go of in order to be happy. I have taken that thought and put a real estate spin on it.


 If there is a difference of opinion regarding the price of a home, it is just that, a difference of opinion. In order for both parties to reach common ground, both parties have to accept that they do not have to be right.  Focusing on the “I am right” mind set may keep you from understanding the folks on the other side of the transaction. Remember, your goal is to reach a mutually agreed upon contract. That does necessitate your being right or wrong, it does require that you keep a non-judgmental mindset when listening to the other side. Whenever you feel the ‘urgent’ need to jump into a fight over who is right and who is wrong, ask yourself this question: “Would I rather be right, or would I rather conclude a harmonious transaction?”JMac Says.  What difference will that make? Is your ego really that big? Is it worth looking back and wishing you had  been more open?  You may be listening, but you really need to make sure you hear! A fair compromise leaves everyone feeling good.


Be willing to give up your need to always control everything that happens in the transaction  – situations, events, people, etc. Whether it is your agent, the other agent, the party on the other side or anyone else that plays a role in the transaction – just allow them to be. Allow everything and everyone to to move towards closing in their fashion. The contract will control the pace. Try to accept that others may move more quickly or slowly than you feel is necessary, but they are moving. You will be amazed at how much better that will make you feel.

“By letting it go it all gets done. The world is won by those who let it go. But when you try and try. The world is beyond winning.” Lao Tzu


 Give up on your need to blame others for what you have or don’t have, for what you feel or don’t feel. Stop giving your powers away and start taking responsibility for your life. Every home is not right for everyone, but there is a right home for everyone.


 Oh my. How many people are hurting themselves because of their negative, polluted and repetitive self-defeating mindset? Don’t believe everything that your mind is telling you – especially if it’s negative and self-defeating. You are better than that.  Before you say “no” to anything, step back and look at what is before you with an objective mind set.

“The mind is a superb instrument if used rightly. Used wrongly, however, it becomes very destructive.” Eckhart Tolle


Remove your self imposed restrictions about what you can or cannot do, about what is possible or impossible. From now on, you are no longer going to allow your limiting beliefs to keep you stuck in the wrong place. Spread your wings and fly! There are many creative ways to reach compromise.

“A belief is not an idea held by the mind, it is an idea that holds the mind” Elly Roselle


 Give up your constant need to complain about those many, many, many things – people, situations, events that make you unhappy, sad and depressed. Nobody can make you unhappy, no situation can make you sad or miserable unless you allow it to. It’s not the situation that triggers those feelings in you, but how you choose to look at it. Never underestimate the power of positive thinking. Wallowing in negative thoughts will prevent you from rising above apparent setbacks.  Focus on a successful conclusion to the transaction and don’t allow those bumps in the road to knock you off course.


Give up your need to criticize things, events or people that are different than you. We are all different, yet we are all the same. We all want to be happy, we all want to love and be loved and we all want to be understood. We all want something, and something is wished by us all. Everyone in the transaction is coming from a different place, a different life experience and often a different set of needs. Setting aside the need to criticize will allow you to enjoy the process.


Stop trying so hard to be something that you’re not just to make others like you. It doesn’t work this way. The moment you stop trying so hard to be something that you’re not, the moment you take off all your masks, the moment you accept and embrace the real you, you will find people will be drawn to you, effortlessly. Remember, an honest open negotiation is only possible when both sides drop all pretenses. You can only control your side of things. If you present yourself if a fashion that is not accurate, any failure will not be understood. Rather than go forward wondering if the real you could have been successful, present the real you and remove all doubt.


 Change is good. Change will help you move from A to B. Change will help you make improvements in your life and also the lives of those around you. Follow your bliss, embrace change – don’t resist it. The willingness to accept change will allow you to “roll with the punches” that may occur as the transaction moves toward closure. Holding fast to an issue or belief that stands between you and closing, only limits the amount of time left to complete the transaction once you have accepted that change is necessary.

“Follow your bliss and the universe will open doors for you where there were only walls” 
Joseph Campbell


 Stop labeling those things, people or events that you don’t understand as being weird or different and try opening your mind, little by little. Minds only work when open. In real estate, there are all kinds of buyers, sellers and agents.  Somehow, homes continue to be sold. Everyone is not the same and the beauty of the difference is revealed in the acceptance that occurs and the compromises that are reached.

“The highest form of ignorance is when you reject something you don’t know anything about.” Wayne Dyer


Fear is just an illusion, it doesn’t exist – you created it. It’s all in your mind. Correct the inside and the outside will fall into place. This truly is easier said than done regarding real estate transactions.  Whether it is your first or one of many, the unknown creeps into your mind.  It is a highly emotional time.  Agents are sensitive to this and most of them work very hard at answering questions.  Make sure you ask. Knowledge will overcome fear and you will find peaceful sleep.

“The only thing we have to fear, is fear itself.”
 Franklin D. Roosevelt


Send them packing and tell them they’re fired. You no longer need them. A lot of times we limit ourselves because of the many excuses we use. Instead of growing and working on improving ourselves and our lives, we get stuck, lying to ourselves, using all kind of excuses – excuses that 99.9% of the time are not even real. You can sell the home. You can buy a home.  Remember, excuses are borne from generalities and misconceptions that you accept as reality. Facts trump excuses. Make a list of yours. Evaluate them in the light of day and then move on to reach your goals.


It’s hard. Especially when the past looks so much better than the present and the future looks so frightening, but you have to take into consideration the fact that the present moment is all you have and all you will ever have. The past you are now longing for – the past that you are now dreaming about – was ignored by you when it was present. Stop deluding yourself. Be present in everything you do and enjoy life. After all life is a journey not a destination. Have a clear vision for the future, prepare yourself, but always be present in the now. The real estate market is not the same today. It has always fluctuated. For every neighborhood that has lost value, there is another that is gaining. You are not selling yesterday’s value, you are not selling tomorrow’s value. You are selling today’s value. Buyers are not purchasing yesterday’s values or tomorrow’s values; buyers are buying today’s values.


This is a concept that, for most of us is so hard to grasp and I have to tell you that it was for me too, (it still is) but it’s not something impossible. You get better and better at with time and practice. The moment you detach yourself from all things, (and that doesn’t mean you give up your love for them – because love and attachment have nothing to do with one another,  attachment comes from a place of fear, while love… well, real love is pure, kind, and self less, where there is love there can’t be fear, and because of that, attachment and love cannot coexist) you become so peaceful, so tolerant, so kind, and so serene. You will get to a place where you will be able to understand all things without even trying. A state beyond words.  Do not attempt to add memories of days passed to the home you sell today.


Way too many people are living a life that is not theirs to live. They live their lives according to what others think is best for them, they live their lives according to what their parents think is best for them, to what their friends, their enemies and their teachers, their government and the media think is best for them. They ignore their inner voice, that inner calling. They are so busy with pleasing everybody, with living up to other people’s expectations, that they lose control over their lives. They forget what makes them happy, what they want, what they need….and eventually they forget about themselves.  You have one life – this one right now – you must live it, own it, and especially don’t let other people’s opinions distract you from your path. Your agent has to listen to you and hear what you are saying. Do not allow anyone to persuade or dissuade you from moving towards your goals.  Stay rooted in reality and the possible. It is your home to buy or sell.

Commuting options for home buyers in DC area

So you have decided to look for a home. Using our site FranklyMLS, you have an option that is not available on most other search sites. Gas prices continue to rise and the cost of driving to and from the office is becoming a concern for many.  Realizing that using the Metro system may be your best option, we have put together information gathered from several sites for your use.

You will notice that there is a box labeled “distance calculator from”  where you can enter an address. This gives you the opportunity to see how far a certain home is from your place of work. It also can be used to determine how far the home is located from public transportation. I have listed the Red Line metro station addresses below as well as the Marc Brunswick line location addresses. Copy and paste them into the site and you will have an idea of your commute to public rails.

Red Line Stations (outside the Capitol Beltway)

From Glenmont into DC (available parking spaces in parentheses)

12501 Georgia Avenue Silver Spring, MD 20906   (1,781)

11171 Georgia Avenue Silver Spring, MD 20902   (977)

Forest Glen
9730 Georgia Avenue Forest Glen, MD 20910   (596)

From Shady Grove into DC

Shady Grove
15903 Somerville Drive Rockville, MD 20855   (5,745)

251 Hungerford Drive Rockville, MD 20850   (524)

1600 Chapman Avenue Rockville, MD 20852   (1,097)

White Flint
5500 Marinelli Road Rockville, MD 20852   (1,270)

10300 Rockville Pike Bethesda, MD 20852

If you use the Marc Train Brunswick Line, you can take it to the Silver Spring Metro Station on the Red Line and transfer to the Metro or use it to travel to Union Station in Washington, DC

The Brunswick Line  (click link and follow instructions for schedule)  has stops located at (number of available parking spaces in parenthesis):

Brunswick 100 S. Maple Ave.Brunswick, MD 21716 (740)

Frederick 100 S. East Street Frederick, MD 21701  (100)

Monocacy 7800 Genstar Dr.Frederick, MD 21704    (870)

Point of Rocks 4000 Clay Street Point of Rocks, MD 21777   (503)

Dickerson 22211 Mt. Ephraim Rd.Dickerson, MD 20842   (15)

Barnesville 8 Beallsville Road Barnesville, MD 20841   (48)

Boyds 15031 Clopper Rd.Boyds, MD 20841   (15)

Germantown 19311 Mateny Hill Rd.Germantown, MD 20875   (657)

Metropolitan Grove 2 Metropolitan Ct.Metropolitan Grove, MD 20885   (352)

Gaithersburg 5 S. Summit Ave.Gaithersburg, MD 20877   (280)

Washington Grove 100 Railroad St.Washington Grove, MD 20877   (15)

Rockville 307 S. Stonestreet Ave.Rockville, MD 20850   (532)

Garrett Park 11015 Rokeby Ave.Garrett Park, MD 20852   (22)

Kensington 3701 Howard Ave.Kensington, MD 20895   (45)

Silver Spring 1170 Bonifant Street Silver Spring, MD 20910   (715)

There are also other methods available to cut the cost of commuting. Maryland has a “ride share” program available at commuter choice.

These are some of the options available to residents that are seeking the most economic way to commute from home to work. If you need more information, or would like to discuss you home buying plans, give us a call at 301-509-5111.