Don’t waste time searching old data…accuracy in home searches


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If you have spent any time on line, searching for a new home, you may have discovered that many sites are not quite accurate. When homes are listed for sale, a process begins. The listing agent (unless otherwise instructed by the seller) has to submit the listing to the MRIS. The MRIS is the local firm that creates the Multiple Listing Service. One of the functions of the MLS is to allow cooperation among Brokers regarding the sharing of information and providing a system of distribution of the commission earned on the sale of the home. In layman’s terms, the MLS is the place where homes for sale are entered and buyer’s agents are informed of the compensation they will receive for representing a buyer.

The MLS used to be the private domain of the Brokers and the agents working for them. As the demand for information grew, Brokers realized they could monetize the date by selling it to other companies that offered home searches to the general public. Syndication was born. Now you can go on-line and use any one of the hundreds upon hundreds of websites offering listings.

Not so fast. You see, part of the problem with syndication to folks like Zillow and Trulia and most of the other sites is that the information is not always up-dated quickly. The biggest complaint voiced by agents all across the country is that buyers call them for help and ask to see a home that is already sold. The site they visited shows it as available, but it is NOT.

I decided that I would spend the time and money to have a direct link to my local MLS on my website. You can click the photo above and it will direct you to a search page. From there, you just enter your criteria and voila…you will see real time listings. It is not updated on any schedule. It is a view as accurate as it can be, it is NOW. ┬áIt may not be as fancy as all those sites that the bigger firms offer. It may take a bit to sort out. Sure, that may take a few minutes. It will save you hours of grief and eliminate lots of angst. You are looking for a home now and I think you should be able to see what is really available and not the drek created by “GIGO” aka garbage in – garbage out.


Fells Point / Canton …once a dream and now affordable


This is the Inner Harbor in Baltimore


There was a time in the not so distant past when it was a very expensive place to live. Times have changed and homes are affordable in this area. The two hot spots are Fells Point and Canton.

Fells Point Area

Canton Area

Both neighborhoods are located close to the inner harbor. Both neighborhoods feature an urban lifestyle that has been attractive to young professionals. There are bars, restaurants, shops, galleries, boutiques and cafes. The homes are from another era, cute row homes that feature individual characteristics from days gone by.


Each season brings new experiences. As Autumn turns to Fall, the smell of burning leaves is mixed with the warm scent of bread cooking at the bakery. Winter brings the comfortable scent of wood burning from chimneys and pine roping that adorns storefronts. Spring arrives with fresh smell of flowers in bloom. Summer follows with the unmistakable aroma of craps steaming. You don’t need a calender to tell the time of the year in the inner harbor.

It seems that everything you would need is within walking distance. There are small mom and pop style groceries sprinkled throughout the area. You will find most corners feature a friendly tavern. If you want some green space, a terrific park is at the top of the hill. If you are shopping for a unique gift…here is the spot you will find some very cool painted bricks to little row homes made out of popsicle sticks. When you make this area your home, you make this area your lifestyle as well.

If you are ready to take a trip to this little corner of the world, give us a call. Prices are now down to the low $100,000 range. Interest rates remain favorable and with or without the tax credit…….these homes are a steal.

We can be reached at 301-509-5111. If we don’t answer, we might be enjoying the finest crab cakes this side of nirvana, leave a message and we will get back to you.

We are The MacArthur Group ( just plain old John and Lourdes to our clients). We love the area and would enjoy sharing with you the special life you can have living in Fells Point or Canton. Give us a call, 301-509-5111.