Top 10 Reasons … Why buy in Rockville, Md.

Rockville, Maryland is located north of Bethesda, Maryland on both sides of Rockville Pike.  The area of Rockville actually extends as far east as Georgia Avenue and as far west as Darnestown Road. The northern edge of Rockville ends at the intersection of  Shady Grove Road and Rockville Pike.

People that live here, rarely move and those that visit often return to make it their home. It is no mystery why that occurs. There are hundreds of reasons. Let me share the top 10.

  • 10.   Local produce on sale during Spring, Summer and Fall at Farmers Markets  held in two locations in downtown Rockville from May through November. Every Saturday, May 14 through November 19, the Farmers Market transforms itself as different fruits and vegetables become available throughout the season. Your pick of  farm-fresh fruits and vegetables, bedding plants, cut flowers, preserves, honey herbs, baked goods, and more. All items offered are picked fresh daily and available as supplies last.
  • 9.    Red Gate Golf Course is open year round. Red Gate Golf Course is a championship 18-hole par-71 golf course that has been ranked as one of the 10 finest facilities in the Washington metropolitan area by Washington Golf Magazine.
  • 8.    Rockville Town Square is bustling. Enjoy all that downtown offers by visiting our unique locally-owned shops and restaurants, a pedestrian-friendly Town Square, residences, and the seat of county and city government, Rockville’s Town Center is a dynamic and thriving neighborhood to visit and call home.
  • 7.    The F. Scott Fitzgerald Theatre has it’s home here. Named for the celebrated author who often visited Rockville, this 446-seat facility for the performing arts is used by both community theatrical groups and professional touring companies. Besides stage performances, the theater and its Social Hall are available for conferences, seminars and other large meetings.
  • 6.    Discount weekend and free parking! There are no parking meters in Rockville. There are parking garages and parking lots as well as free lots.  Every retail location has plenty of parking. Most single family homes have driveways and/or garages.
  • 5.     Cherry blossoms and Azaleas. Local neighborhoods have hundreds upon hundreds of cherry trees.  Springtime in Rockville  is a wonderful, colorful  experience.  There is little need to drive to DC, you have the beauty all around you at home.
  • 4.    Neighborhoods. Town center is surrounded by neighborhoods. These neighborhoods usually have an association that promotes interaction between neighbors.  These are real neighborhoods where people get to know and care about one another.
  • 3.    FIOS. Most neighborhoods in Olney have access to fiber optic internet service.  Folks that work from home or those that need that gazillion baud rate will never be twiddling their thumbs here.
  • 2.    Montgomery College has it’s main campus here. Their mission states that “We are the community’s college.” A variety of activities, programs and facilities are available on each campus to county residents. Take a look at everything Montgomery College has to offer beyond a great education.
  • 1.    Community. Rockville offers community to those that live here. There are fine schools, public and private.  There are year round events where neighbors come together.  There are houses of worship open to all.  There is a sense of caring and community spirit that is very unique.

If you would like to hear more about Rockville, give us a call and we will be glad to share all the information we have on this great community.  If you would like to see what homes are available in Rockville,  just click on the link below.

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7601 Dew Wood Drive, Derwood, Md $515,000

Maybe you have a job with an office in downtown Washington DC. Maybe you work in Rockville or Bethesda. There’s a good chance that where ever you spend your day earning your hard earned pay, it is part of the giant urban concrete jungle that extends from Alexandria to Rockville. At the end of the day, you will face the same challenges everyone else faces in just getting home.

Wouldn’t it be nice if home made the daily grind worthwhile? There are so many things to consider when buying a home, wouldn’t it be nice to know that you have a chance at that elusive nightly nirvana. Well, I am here to tell you that you do… Welcome to 7601 Dew Wood Drive, Derwood, Maryland. Reasonably priced at $515,000, this King George model in Mill Creek Towne is available for purchase today.

Let’s get traffic and commuting and how do I get there from here out of the way. If the President of the United States invited you to dinner, it might take around 30 minutes to drive to his house. The rest of the offices located downtown are reachable within the same time frame. If you have to travel to Crystal City or Rosslyn, they are just over the bridge and minutes from downtown proper. Bethesda is about the same travel time from your door. Rockille? Why Rockville is but minutes away.

The important thing to know about commuting in this area concerns not how but how many. They say all roads lead to the city, how many are available to you in Derwood? Well, you have Muncaster Road that heads north and south. You are close to Shady Grove Road which will take you over to the new ICC or 355 or 270. You have a lot of choices and that becomes very important if traffic backs up on one of your roads home.

Home, that is 7601 Dew Wood Drive in a nutshell. Yes, there is a virtual tour. If you just have to see the pictures, you can click on this LINK.  There is a lot more to this area that you can’t see in a picture.  You pull into your circular driveway and get out of the car.  Before you open the door, turn around. You are surrounded by a mature, well landscaped neighborhood.  The noise of the city is far from your doorstep.

And from that front door, you are only about 5 minutes away from Lake Needwood.  Consider that. Five minutes from a lazy afternoon picnic by the lake.  If you would prefer a round of golf, Needwood Golf Course is next to the lake and it is just one of about a dozen public courses within that same 5-10 minutes away.  Montgomery County has no shortage of strip centers and there are a few within a short drive of your home.  McDonalds, Ledo’s Pizza, CVS, 7-11 and a couple gas stations are close enough to be convenient and far enough to be out of mind until needed.

We all find that we have to work (well most of us anyway).  Often, we just can’t decide where we want to work. We end up where we can earn the most and feel the most comfortable each day.  The stress of work usually increases from Monday to Friday. You deserve a home that will release the tension and offer you a chance to unwind and enjoy your family, your friends and your life.

You are looking for a new house.  Consider 7601 Dew Wood Drive. It may become your private haven from the hustle and bustle of the work day and your opportunity to slow down and enjoy the good things a great neighborhood has to offer.

If you would like to see this home, have your agent contact Centralized Showings. We represent the seller of the home and will not tiptoe into the gray area of writing an offer for someone that is willing to reject representation in hopes of getting a better deal. In Maryland, you have a right to have an agent represent you, since we represent the sellers, we can’t represent you. We will be glad to refer you to an agent. This could be home.

12107 Red Stream Way Columbia Maryland $450,000

12107 Red Stream Way Columbia Maryland


Oops, when property was listed owners insisted on attempting to get $550,000. They missed the window and ended up selling for $430,000 with a $13,000 subsidy.  Creig Nothrup’s fine team stepped in, cut the price and moved the property.  Maybe it was the billboard?

Sometimes not listening to good advice can cost you over $25,000.

It would be easy just to share the pictures of this home. People have been telling me that “a picture tells a thousand words”.  Maybe. But maybe pictures only tell part of the story.  You might want to experience the house one snap shot in time, but we recommend stopping by for a visit.  The house has been cleaned and the kids toys have been put away.  The owners have dusted and polished.  Everything was done to prepare for your visit.

I sold the Johnson’s this house.  It was perfect for them at the time.  As I walked through the home with them, they proudly pointed out all of the changes and upgrades.  Pictures can’t capture the feeling shared.  I remember it then and it is so much better now.  A house was made a home.  But, buyers want pictures, so we took them.

Pictures can not capture how easily one can commute from this home to Baltimore or Washington. Next year, when the ICC opens completely, it will be even easier to get to Rockville and the rest of Montgomery County.  The beauty of the location is partly found in the fact that there are several ways to get from here to there. This is not a one road home community or location.

This is a picture of the nearby Lake Elkhorn.  The community has access to other lakes as well.  The picture does show one view of the lake.  You have to dig a little deeper in your imagination to really understand the quality of life that exists in Columbia.  Close your eyes and feel the warm Summer sun, visualize the trees as they turn red, yellow and gold in the Fall, you can almost hear the geese and the good-byes they shout. Try to imagine your breath dancing through the air as you walk the shore on a December morn. Remember that every Spring, flowers will bloom, petals will dance in the wind and the grey will become green again.  Pictures can’t tell that story, but it happens every year here.

A virtual tour will depict the home in “perfect” condition.  It will not show you the joy that can be shared spending an afternoon with friends on the nearby championship golf course.  Pictures can only show a two dimensional view of all the pools, the community amenities and other attractions in and around Columbia.  Sure, we could share a picture of the crowd at one of the concerts at Merriweather Post ( located right smack dab in the middle of Columbia), but would that snapshot even begin to share the fun, joy and good times that occur all summer long?  You have to actually sit on a blanket with friends, enjoy the sights and sounds… you are minutes from your front door. What may have been a long, post concert ride home, will now be a drive of but a few minutes to your front door.

One other piece of the puzzle that makes Columbia such a wonderful place to live is the fact that Howard Community College is located here. (It is next door to the Howard Community Hospital which is also nice to have in the neighborhood)

Howard Community College has a wide range of course and schedules and events that are open to everyone.  You can finish a degree or just take a course to enrich your life.  If you have high school age children, sending them to college here offers them the chance to learn from some of the areas best educators and still do homework at the kitchen table.  Is it fair to say that when times are tight, your children deserve a comfort level. The ability to obtain a higher education in your hometown, saving on housing costs looks better every day.

I sure wish I had a magic camera that could capture the sense of community and fellowship that exists in Columbia.  The focus on neighborhoods and people actually knowing one another is the foundation of friendships that last.  12107 Red Stream Way is but one home in Columbia.  It is well taken care of by the owners.  It is one home in a community that waits to welcome a new owner.

If you would be interested in seeing the home, let me know, I will  make arrangements.  If you do not have an agent representing you, I will gladly refer you to an agent. I want to sell the house, but I also want the buyer to have full representation. (This is a nice way of saying that if you think you can get a better deal by asking me to write the offer for you, the answer is no. No deal, no lack of representation.)  My name is John MacArthur and I can be reached at 301-509-5111.

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Cattail Creek … 15 minutes more and a world away


Isn’t it time you came home to serenity?

You have done your time. The kids are grown, educated and out on their own.  You’ve had the AARP  membership card in your wallet for over 5 years.  You’ve moved up the professional ladder. Isn’t it time you enjoyed the fruits of your labor?  The house seems a little bigger now that it has become and empty nest.  A lot of your long time neighbors have moved and a younger group of people is gentrifying your neighborhood.  You still like to stop and chat and you feel surrounded by people that communicate via text messages.  The friendly chats over backyard fences have been replaced with a new language shared over high speed internet connections.

There is a place for you. Age restricted communities have cropped up all over the area.  Homes for people 55+ have certain calming benefits.  A lifestyle that you thought had vanished can be recaptured when you live among peers.  The evening walk that used to be part of your routine can find it’s way into your schedule again.  Sitting outside and enjoying an afternoon can become a treat again.  Age restricted communities do not suffer from the cacophonous sounds emitted from boob boxes that dot the landscape in the suburbs.  It is not a place people go to die…it is a place that those of us that still enjoy life go to LIVE.  Cattail Creek is one of those places.

This view is considered by many to be more pleasurable

than this view !

The difference … about a 15 minute drive.

If you think about it,  you already spend more time commuting than you care to admit.  Why would you even consider adding 30 minutes a day to the time already lost in the drive to and from work?  The answer is found where you park your car.  The answer is found in how much you enjoy home once you arrive.  The answer is found in how enjoyable are your weekends.  The answer is found in your understanding that the home that housed your family is really too much to take care of anymore.  The answer is found in Cattail Creek.

This is not going to change.

You can decide how you want to live after suffering through this maze, day after day.  Sure, you can consider moving to a place like Leisure World.  If you visit the shopping center in Leisure World Plaza, you may not see any difference from the markets in your current neighborhood.  It may seem a lot like jumping from the frying pan into the fire.  You will be surrounded by high rises.  You will be very close to neighborhoods that include single family homes and hundreds of apartments for rent.  You may see that you are on the cusp of the very lifestyle you are trying to escape.

Try this one weekend.  Head out Georgia Avenue and travel 15 minutes or so north of Leisure World.  If it is around lunch time, I heartily recommend that you stop at the Sunshine Store and get a sandwich (more on that in another article).  You will soon come upon Cattail Creek. Drive around the neighborhood.  See how some people that are 55+ are enjoying their life. It could be you.  After your drive, if you would like to consider a home in Cattail Creek, give me a call at 301-509-5111.  I will be glad to speak with you and set up a time we can sit down face to face and talk about moving from the empty nest to a new home located in area that actually fits the lifestyle you desire.

Cattail Creek … 15 minutes more and a world away.

Dear Pat, The DC Area Is So Vast! How Do I Choose A Place To Live?

Pat does a wonderful job outlining all the things we need to know to best assist our clients.  Experienced agents understand that beyond all the whoplah about interest rates and prices………folks want to buy a home. They want more than just a house that is priced well.

If your agent hasn’t asked these questions, you need a new agent. There are still a few of us around that understand uncovering your needs and desires is much more important than verifying your bank balance.

Via Patricia K (A local DC Realtor):

Q:  Dear Pat, we are new to the Washington area and are a little overwhelmed by the choices of where to live.  Can you help us to narrow down the possibilities?  Distraught in the District

A:  Dear Distraught, where to live is probably the most important thing for newcomers to the area to decide when moving to the Washington, DC area.  Your price range and basic life style preferences will help you decide.  Here are some questions I ask relocating buyers if they are not familiar with the area:

  • Where will you be working, and how much of a commute are you willing to live with?
  • Are you planning to drive or will you rely on public transportation?
  • Are schools a factor?
  • Do you prefer new construction or older, historic homes?
  • Do you prefer to be in the middle of the action, or would you rather have peace and quiet?

Answers to these questions, along with the number that you and your lender give me as the price, will help me to come up with possibilities.

In the meantime, there are some steps you can take on your own to narrow down your choices:

  • If you have children in school, you can get a lot of information at  This might help you to focus in on parts of the region where the public schools are especially good.  If you have children who are going to be college bound in a few years, graduates of DC schools are treated as “in state” for land grant schools around the country.  Virginia has a wonderful system of public universities and the University of Maryland scores high marks in many departments.
  • Ask friends and colleagues about the area.  They can tell you the pluses and minuses of their own communities and make some suggestions.
  • If you see properties on line that interest you, take some time to drive around the areas.  Notice where the public transportation, shopping, libraries and other amenities are located – or not.
  • If you are into new construction, there is very little in the District or the close-in suburbs.  You really have to go pretty far out, probably outside the Beltway, to find new homes.
  • As a rule of thumb, the closer in you are, the higher the prices are likely to be.  Still, there are pockets of affordable homes inside the District and in parts of Maryland and Virginia.
  • You can get a feel for a neighborhood by going online and looking at it’s web site, which most communities now have.  They also may have Facebook pages.  What are their issues?  Do the people posting sound like lunatic ranters or people you’d like to have as a next door neighbor?
  • Keep in mind that the DC Metro system isn’t all that well planned for commuting to work.  The stops are far apart, and there are no express lines.  The chances that you will work close enough to walk from a Metro stop to your office are not terrific, and you will likely have a long drive or bus ride to get from your home to Metro.  The parking garages at the suburban stations are usually packed by six in the morning.  It’s also expensive.  This makes homes that are close to a Metro or other rail stop sell for a premium.

Many agents in the area, myself included, are licensed in DC and Maryland, something that is helpful if you are not yet sure where you want to be.

Top 10 Reasons…Why Buy in Olney Maryland

goodolneysignOlney, Maryland is located north of Washington, DC at the intersection of  Georgia Avenue (Rte 97) and Olney Sandy Spring Road (Rte 108).

People that live here, rarely move and those that visit often return to make it their home. It is no mystery why that occurs. There are hundreds of reasons.  Let me share the top 10.

  • 10.   Local produce on sale during Spring, Summer and Fall at the Olney Farmers and Artist Market. The combination of creative endeavors and the fine art of growning veggies is on display every Sunday from mid-morning to early afternoon.
  • 9.    The Olney Theater is open year round. The Olney Theatre has been offering productions since 1942. The theater is rich in history and draws audiences from near and far.
  • 8.    The Olney Grill, The Olney Tavern and The Olney Ale House are all offering style and substance for your culinary enjoyment.  Every town has fast food or chain restaurant fare…Olney has three of the top, single location eatery’s in Montgomery County.
  • 7.    The Olney Boys and Girls Club has it’s home here. The OBGC  operates out of it’s facility on rte 108.  They have provided services for almost 50,000 boys and girls.  In the fall they also offer the famous “Field of Screams”.
  • 6.    Free parking! There are no parking meters in Olney. There are no, pay to park lots in Olney.  Every retail location has plenty of free parking. Most single family homes have driveways and/or garages.
  • 5.     Cherry blossoms. Local neighborhoods have hundreds upon hundreds of cherry trees.  Springtime in Olney is a wonderful, colorful  experience.  There is little need to drive to DC, you have the beauty all around you at home.
  • 4.    Neighborhoods. Town center is surrounded by neighborhoods. These neighborhoods usually have an association that promotes interaction between neighbors.  These are real neighborhoods where people get to know and care about one another.
  • 3.    FIOS. Most neighborhoods in Olney have access to fiber optic internet service.  Folks that work from home or those that need that gazillion baud rate will never be twiddling their thumbs here.
  • 2.    Montgomery General Hospital is here. The hospital has been serving the area since around 1910.  The finest medical care available is located right in town.  In an emergency situation, help is minutes away. The hospital has a strong community outreach program.
  • 1.    Community. Olney offers community to those that live here. There are fine schools, public and private.  There are year round events where neighbors come together.  There are houses of worship open to all.  There is a sense of caring and community spirit that is very unique.

If you would like to hear more about Olney, give us a call and we will be glad to share all the information we have on this great community.  If you would like to see what homes are available in Olney,  just click on the link below.



Century 21 New Millennium


Montgomery County Living … this is it

Picture yourself in a boat on a river

With tangerine trees and marshmallow skies

This is Montgomery County Living

. This is it

Make no mistake where you are

Montgomery County Living

This is it !

Cherry Blossoms in Potomac in Spring

Visit the County Fair at Summers end

Harvest your own at Butler’s Orchard in the Fall

Marvel at the lights at the Mormon Tabernacle at Christmas

Montgomery County Living

This is it !

Montgomery County Maryland is located along the Potomac River just Northwest of Washington DC. There are several commuter routes to facilitate residents that live in the county and work in the District of Columbia. Montgomery County living offers all sorts neighborhoods and lifestyles. There are “cookie cutter” neighborhoods that were built following World War ll and there are small clusters of individually designed custom-built homes. The county offers high-rise condo’s and developer designed town home neighborhoods.

Montgomery County is defined by three major commuter routes, Wisconsin Avenue (which changes names several times on it’ s journey from the Potomac River to Frederick Maryland), Georgia Avenue and Colesville Road. These major roads are linked by East West Highway to the south, the Capital Beltway, Randolph Road and Route 28/198 to the north (another of the roads that changes name as it goes from west to east).

Metro Map

The area is also supported in a fashion by the Metro rail system. The red line begins at Shady Grove Road and travels south through Rockville and Bethesda before entering the District of Columbia, sweeping through Metro Center and then heading back out into Montgomery County with stops at Takoma Park, Silver Spring, Forest Glen and Wheaton before ending at Glenmont. Trains do travel in both directions, but it is best to know that going from Bethesda to Silver Spring might take longer on the train than in a car.

Marc Train Station Gaithersburg

Montgomery County also has Marc Train service with stops in Germantown, Gaithersburg, Kensington and Silver Spring before continuing downtown to Union Station. Those commuters that use the Marc Train will discover that there are Metro connections available once you reach downtown Washington DC.

Key Neighborhoods

(Key meaning stops along major routes out of DC)

Wisconsin Avenue/Rockville Pike corridor

Saks in Chevy Chase

The neighborhood bordering the District of Columbia along Wisconsin Avenue is Chevy Chase. Chevy Chase has some of the oldest homes that sit as grand matrons as you first enter Montgomery County. Chevy Chase Country Club sits amid neighborhoods that date back to the turn of the 20th century. Chevy Chase also is home to Montgomery County’s version of Rodeo Drive. The main shopping area features upscale shopping that is not found anywhere else in the area. A nearby neighborhood is Friendship Heights which is a delightful little town that reminds visitors of villages in years gone by. Farther to the west are the neighborhoods along Massachusetts Avenue that are home to dignitaries and political figures.

Home in Potomac Maryland

Potomac Maryland is located northwest of Chevy Chase. It is an area replete with country clubs and large acre home sites. Potomac is often noted for the celebrities that live there now or have lived there in the past. Yet, even this enclave of well to do neighborhoods has a small town center that features shops and eateries.

Downtown Bethesda Maryland

The next key stop on the journey out Wisconsin Avenue is Bethesda, Maryland. Bethesda is located at the junction of East West Highway and Wisconsin Avenue. On weekdays the intersection is teeming with pedestrian traffic as those that work in the high-rise office buildings make their way from here to there. On the weekends, the area is filled with patrons of the dozens of restaurants that dot the landscape. There are stores along most of the side streets and the Montgomery Farm Women’s Co-op has been operating a market there for years.

Bargains abound at the Montgomery Farm Womens Co-op

Continuing out Wisconsin Avenue, you will notice it becomes Rockville Pike about the time you cross over 495. You will soon arrive in the southern section of Rockville which features White Flint Mall. From White Flint Mall to just beyond the beltway intersection, both sides of the road offer shopping. At the mid-point in your trip, about the time you cross over Randolph Road, there are some large condominiums, but by and large Rockville Pike is the golden mile. In retail and food service circles, it is often stated “if you can’t make on Rockville Pike, you can’t make it anywhere.” This section of the pike is packed with traffic day and night, seven days of the week. It is best considered a destination and not a route to use to get from north to south or vice versa.

Rockville Town Square

Rockville is the county seat of Montgomery County. It has the major courts and it is home to the Montgomery County Executive and County Council offices. Rockville is also an All American City. F. Scott Fitzgerald of The Great Gatsby fame is buried in Rockville. There are neighborhoods with homes in all price ranges. You can find cape cods, bungalows, split levels, colonials and in the downtown area, you will find some beautiful Victorians. We have had the pleasure of working with many buyers that found the perfect home in Rockville, Maryland. If you would like to see homes here, or anywhere in Montgomery County, give us (The MacArthur Group) a call at 301-509-5111.

King Farm

Located at the northern tip of Rockville is a planned community named King Farm. King Farm has housing of every type. The neighborhoods are divided to the north and south by King Farm Boulevard. Each side has a community center, club house and pool. Residents enjoy easy access to a grocery store a few restaurants and small shops. Many of the residents live and work right within the community.

Gaithersburg Pavilion

The next town on the trip north is Gaithersburg. 50 years ago, this was a farming community that surrounded a main street area. Farms have given way to development but the main street still survives. The marc train station is located downtown as is the concert pavilion. The downtown area has shops and restaurants. The Montgomery County Fair is held at the fairgrounds which are still located in Gaithersburg. Lake Forest Mall is located in Gaithersburg at the entrance to Montgomery Village.

Montgomery Village is a large planned community that features shopping, parks and lakes. Montgomery Village Country Club is located in the center of the area. This large development has dozens of neighborhoods that each feature community activities and a swimming pool.

The Kentlands

Just a bit west of Gaithersburg is the award winning community of the Kentlands. The Kentlands have served as a model for planned development across the country. The concept was to create a town center and surround the town center with neighborhoods. The hope was pedestrian traffic would increase and auto emissions would decrease. The Kentlands have been an unqualified success. The layout of the community has re-engendered the old concept of actually knowing your neighbors. The town is criss crossed with walking and bike paths and neighborhoods are dotted with small parks. It is a community that is unparalleled in the county.

Sugarloaf Mountain

Northwest of Kentlands are the communities of Darnestown, Comus and Poolesville. These towns are located around the base of the foothills that rise to become Sugarloaf Mountain. This area is more farmland than residential and most of the homes are on large tracts of land. The are many different orchards in this area and “pick and pay” opportunities are found along many of the roads.

Sugarloaf Mountain Vineyard

In addition to apples, pears and peaches, this is the area of the county that has some vineyards. Summers feature wine tastings and tours of the vineyards. Montgomery County Living includes the opportunity to take a drive through the country, stop for a wine tasting and continue on to one of the country restaurants for dinner.

White’s Ferry

If your day trip includes an excursion into nearby Leesburg, Virginia, you don’t have to travel all the way back down 270 and across the bridge and back out route 7. You can drive through Poolesville and use the services of White’s Ferry to cross the river. The ferry has been in operation since 1817. The trip across the river on the Jubal Early will cost you $4 one way and $6 if you purchase a round trip ticket. This is the only way to cross the Potomac River between the Cabin John Bridge (route 495…the Capital Beltway) and Point of Rocks, a small town further up the river in Frederick County.

Clarksburg Maryland

Back on Rockville Pike, you will notice it changed to Frederick Road but remains route 355. Leaving Gaithersburg, you pass through the area known as Germantown. Communities planned and developed are on both sides of the highway. The main areas of Germantown are located at the intersection of 355 and 27. There is another town center area located west of route 270 on route 118. These are the outlying suburbs and many residents here drive to the metro station, leave their car and take the subway to work.

Our last stop on this journey up Wisconsin Avenue/Rockville Pike/Frederick Road is Clarksburg. Clarksburg was once a small farming community and now it is home to the largest planned development in Montgomery County. There are neighborhoods linking with one another over several miles. New homes feature large living areas and minimal yards. It is a growing community that is fast becoming a beacon for new arrivals to the area. Clarksburg also features Little Bennett Regional Park and is home to F. Wilson Wims, a local legend. Wims Meadow is located in Little Bennett and was used by early sandlot African American ball players. Wims owned the Maryland Wildcats, one of the original African American teams in the area. Mr. Wims was instrumental in the early development of the Clarksburg community.

Wilson Wims at re-dedication of Wims Meadows

Mural in Takoma Park

The middle route through Montgomery County is Georgia Avenue. Georgia Avenue actually begins in the District of Columbia and continues north to beyond the Montgomery County line. The first little community ( it is actually in the District of Columbia and Prince Georges County as well as Montgomery County) is Takoma Park. Takoma Park is the original home of Montgomery Junior College, which has been redefined and labeled Montgomery College. It is a quaint town that is known for it’s politically active citizenry. Takoma Park banned Nuclear weapons before most American’s knew they were dangerous. Due to the fact that it is actually within three jurisdictions, it is a loosely bound town. It features beautifully restored older homes and some of the most unusual shops in Montgomery County.

Downtown Silver Spring

Silver Spring is located adjacent to Washington DC on Georgia Avenue. The southern most tip of the town is filled with office buildings, retail stores, theaters and restaurants. There is a red line station in the heart of downtown and metro buses and ride-on buses also have terminals there. It is where the suburbs meet the city and it is bustling all of the time. The area has gone through a revitalization that included creating a pedestrian friendly section surrounded by retail and eateries.

Once you move beyond the commercial area, Silver Spring is a vast area of old neighborhoods, stretching from the downtown area outward for several miles towards the west, north and east. Silver Spring has more zip codes than any other area in the county and the sheer size of the area leads to confusion for those moving here. It is hard to imagine that you could have a 30 to 40 minute commute each way and never leave Silver Spring.

The Discovery Building in Silver Spring

Heading north on Georgia Avenue, you will leave Silver Spring proper and begin a journey into the suburbs. It is just a few miles until you find yourself driving through Montgomery Hills. This area features a wonderful neighborhood called Woodside. This is another one of those places that harkens back to days gone by. There is a unique community spirit that is alive and well in Woodside.

Opening Day Wheaton Plaza

After passing the Georgia Avenue intersection with the Capital Beltway, you will arrive in Wheaton Maryland. Wheaton is the location of the first Mall on the East Coast – Wheaton Plaza. It is now covered and has changed names to Westfield Shopping at Wheaton. The road that shoots off to the left at Wheaton Plaza is Veirs Mill Road and it will take you to Rockville and beyond. Wheaton neighborhoods are older and going through the process of gentrification. Montgomery County planners have high hopes for a continued revitalization of the area in the coming years.

Wheaton Regional Park

Wheaton also is home to a regional park. There are acres of paths, camp sites and a very large lake. The park also has an ice skating arena which is used by local youth hockey clubs. The eastern edge of the park has stable areas where you can take lessons or go for a ride. Nestled between the stables and the lake is one of the treasures of Montgomery County.

Brookside Gardens

Brookside Gardens is a botanical delight. Flowering plants of all types are nurtured and cared for by an informative staff. There are year round events which culminate with a festival of lights in December. The butterfly gardens are one of the biggest draws during the summer. Brookside also offers many educational opportunities for residents. It is a place you will visit again and again.

Georgia Avenue continues northward passing through an area known as Aspen Hill. If it becomes confusing to you as you drive through this section of the county, it is understandable. The area includes several communities that are part of Silver Spring or Rockville. These neighborhoods were built more recently than those to the south and the home styles are a bit different. You will see more split levels and raised ramblers in this area.

A Charles Goodman Home

Another one of Montgomery County Living’s gems is located just west of Aspen Hill. Rock Creek Woods is a small development that features homes designed by Charles Goodman. Goodman was heralded for his use of natural surroundings and “letting the outside in” . There are not many homes designed by Goodman and when they change hands the new owner is considered very lucky indeed.

Welcome to Olney

By the time you have reached Olney, you will have crossed the intersection with route 28 and passed over the infamous inter-county connector. You will notice the homes have a little more yard and the aura of hustle and bustle has slowed down just a bit. Olney is a very unique town. It features several restaurants that have the ambiance of “Cheers” and the quality to match any eatery in the county. Olney is a snap shot of Montgomery County Living. The town center, loosely defined by the intersection of Georgia Avenue and Olney Sandy Spring Road is surrounded by single family home neighborhoods. Each neighborhood has plenty of green space for outdoor enjoyment. It is far enough north that the city is “down there” and close enough to a metro stop that you can reach downtown in minutes. West of Olney is the farm land that still exists in Montgomery County and to the East is the area known as Ashton. Ashton borders theTri-delphia Lake preserve. An afternoon at the lake is one of the best ways to enjoy a Saturday.

A buck in Sligo Creek Park

If you leave Silver Spring and head out Colesville Road, you will quickly leave the high rises and office buildings behind and find yourself travelling through Sligo Creek Park. Sligo Creek Park runs from Prince Georges County to the East, all the way to University Boulevard ( Sligo Creek Parkway ends just a few miles from Wheaton Regional Park). The park is a long stretch of land that runs on both sides of Sligo Creek. There are bike paths, tot lots, picnic areas and basketball courts spaced throughout the park. It is a favorite for family picnics as well as leisurely lunches shared by office workers escaping for a noontime respite.

Four Corners

Riding along Colesville Road past Sligo Creek Park and just past the Capital Beltway, you will arrive at a town named after is unique intersection. Four Corners it located in one of the earliest round-a-bout road configurations. University Boulevard east and west split on either side of Colesville Road. The effect has you passing University Boulevard on your left and then a block later passing University Boulevard on your right. Despite the traffic oddity, the area features some of the nicest homes in Montgomery County. New roads over the last 3o years have created a few dead ends in the neighborhoods but to the delight of homeowners, it also put an end to pass through traffic.

Federal Drug Administration White Oak

The federal government moved the FDA to White Oak when the Naval Surface Weapons Center was merged with the facility at the David Taylor Model Basin over near Carderock. The change has created a lot of excitement in the White Oak area because the facility will bring more jobs to the county. It is located in a suburban area that features homes, town homes, high rises, garden apartments and condos. The nearby White Oak Shopping center is conveniently located to homes in this area.

Seibel’s Restaurant

The last stop on our journey out Colesville Road is the town of Burtonsville. Burtonsville is almost pure suburbia. There neighborhoods of single family homes attached to neighborhoods of town homes attached to neighborhoods of single family homes attached to … well you get the picture. Burtonsville is about midway between Baltimore and Washington. The community is bisected by Colesville Road but local neighborhoods are not impacted greatly by the traffic. This section of Colesville Road has undergone massive restructuring to ease commuting and facilitate the neighborhood nature of the side streets. Burtonsville is also home to Seibel’s Restaurant which is an old style family affair offering up sumptuous dinners and home made ice cream.

What To Do ?

Montgomery County Living is chock full of choices !

AFI Theater

The nationally recognized American Film Institute Theater is located in down town Silver Spring. The history of film is heralded with weekly events and showings of classic films. Of course, Montgomery County has other movie theaters, but the AFI is special. Montgomery County also has many venues for live theater. Live performances are held on a regular basis at the Strathmore Theater in Kensington. The Olney Theater has a long history of summer stock and year round performances. There are several other smaller venues scattered throughout Montgomery County.

Northwest Park Golf Course

If you enjoy a round of golf, Montgomery County is the place for you. The area has dozens of public courses that range in difficulty from beginners ease of Sligo Creek Golf Course to the crown jewel of the area, Northwest Park. There are courses run by the Montgomery County and others managed privately. Montgomery County also has quite a few private courses that offer membership to interested parties.

Olney Boys and Girls Club

Athletic participation for the young and old alike are found throughout Montgomery County. The Montgomery County Department of Recreation offers children of all skill levels and ages the opportunity to participate in team sports. Saturday mornings throughout the year feature swimming or basketball or football or baseball or t-ball or soccer. It is a terrific place to raise a family.

Indoor Soccer Facilities are located in Montgomery County

The Chesapeake and Ohio Canal

Montgomery County Living is a hot spot for outdoor enthusiast. Whether you like hiking, photography or canoeing, there is a place for you in Montgomery County. The easy access to the Potomac River is a real treat for those that want to spend time paddling a canoe or casting a line. The rough water of Great Falls is used by local kayakers throughout the year. The changing seasons present colors that are breath taking on Sugarloaf Mountain. Montgomery County Living is an outdoor paradise.

Montgomery County Living … Fine Dining

Top Chef and Restaurateur Michael Landrum

When we say, Montgomery County Living is Fine Dining, we are not talking about the chain restaurants that litter the landscape from one end of the country to another. We are referring to the best steak house in the metro area, Ray’s the Classics in Silver Spring. One visit to Ray’s and Ruth Chris will feel like a stop at McDonalds. The Black family also own and operate several very nice restaurants in Montgomery County. If you happen to have a desire to eat the best sub in the whole wide world, you have to stop at Continental Pizza on University Boulevard in Kensington, Md. If you are seeking the best in chinese where you can talk out or eat in, pay a visit to Lee’s Kitchen in Silver Spring. The biggest secret regarding good food is located all the way out Georgia Avenue. Stop in the Sunshine General Store and take a seat at the counter in the back. The cheese burgers are incredible and if you stop for breakfast, they prepare a bacon and egg sandwich that elevates breakfast to an entirely different level.

Sunshine General Store

Montgomery County Living is designed around creating a quality of life. Yes, traffic can be a problem and when it snows it is best just to take a day. Every community has nuances that might be irritating. Montgomery County Living reduces those nuances to mere aberrations. There are places to live to fit anyones chosen life style.


Montgomery County Living features four major shopping center/shopping malls. White Flint Mall is located in Rockville and is anchored by Bloomingdales. Montgomery Mall, located in Bethesda and is a much larger mall that has Nordstrom, Sears, Macy’s and several other major chain stores, Lake Forest Mall is located in Gaithersburg and features most of the major retail stores. Lastly, the revitalized ‘Westfield Shopping Center in Wheaton that features JC Penneys and Target. Shopping does not end there. Specialty shops are found throughout the county. And if you want to expand you shopping experience, Montgomery County has several red line stations for the metro rail. The metro rail opens up more possibilities than one could imagine. The metro to the mall map is terrific.

You can always park the car and hop aboard Metro and shop all over the region

If you can’t tell, we love Montgomery County and would like to have the chance to share that love with you if you are thinking of moving here. We are the MacArthur Group. In person, we are John MacArthur and Lourdes Tudela. We have lived in Montgomery County all of our adult lives. We have raised children here. We shop here. We know the highways and the bi-ways. Let us share Montgomery County with you. We can be reached at 301-509-5111.

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