The MacArthur’s go to Washington

In 1976, the country was in flux. On the national scene, Jimmy Carter was running for President against Gerald Ford,(Ford barely edged the charismatic Governor of California, Ronald Reagan. to get the nomination).

carter in victory

Locally, in the spring of the year, Metro opened the first 4.5 miles of the subway. Quietly out west, Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak were introducing their very first Apple computer. The Concorde began flying trips into and out of Dulles Airport.

Oh, and Gilbert Gude was running for Congress in Maryland’s 8th Congressional District, unopposed …….. again.

To this day, I do not know what possessed me. I had two small children and more indignation than brains. The more I read, the more I thought there is no way anyone should just continue to be a Congressman without any challenge. Just didn’t seem right to me.

So, without so much as a conversation with anyone, I drove to Annapolis and filed to run against the sitting Congressman. That really was the extent of my planning. It has been many years, but as I recall, it was a matter of days and Congressman Gude held a press conference. He announced that he would NOT be seeking re-election. For the next two or three hours, I was running unopposed for the Congressional seat.

me as cong candidate

Within a day, candidates fell out of the woodwork. Who knew that being a Congressman was so desirable? I forged on. I went to forums and debates. Clueless. The lessons Mrs. Goehegan (sp?) taught me in geography gave me little insight into the issues being discussed.  I smiled and took my turn at the microphone. I had a $350 budget. I was running for Congress.  I went through the primary campaign and actually left the polls on election day with some sort of nonsensical thought that I was going to win. I didn’t. Lanny Davis carried the day and faced Newt Steers in the general election. Karma is sweet and Davis (never one at a loss for snide comments) lost.

So I went on with my life. I never stopped believing that one day, I might be working on Capitol Hill. Time passed and I spent years in various occupations. Then in the early 2000’s, I found my career. I became a Realtor.

what dreams may come

Shortly after my venture into politics, Lourdes decided that she wanted to relocate from Lima, Peru to the United States of America. She worked and saved and worked some more until she had enough money to make the journey. She immersed herself in the culture. She worked with international organizations and then became a Spanish teacher in the Archdiocese of Washington, DC.  In the early 2000’s she added Realtor to her professional resume.

In 2008, John and Lourdes met, began working together, fell in love and became husband and wife…The MacArthur’s.

Dreams do come true!

Today, I am happy to share, .. The MacArthur’s are going to Capitol Hill.

DC office

We have been asked to join the most prestigious Real Estate Brokerage in the Nation’s Capitol. Century 21 New Millennium invited Lourdes and I to join their team. We have accepted the invitation and have made the move.


They have strong affiliation with Cartus (the number one relocation firm in the world) and a track record of dealing with transactions here locally, nationally and world wide. They also have a strong working relationship with those in the military via ties to USAA and The Navy Federal Credit Union.

It is a happy day, the MacArthur’s go to Washington. Call us (202) 656-5710


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