The hidden beauty of new technology

ipod-nanoSo, I had noticed several people with little buds in their ears and wires drooping to their pockets. I just figured it was a new fangled phone set up. A friend of mine was sporting one on the golf course and explained it was just like a cassette player but smaller and did not have any cassettes. Then, my youngest told me I could have her old one to listen to music. (She had inherited a newer version from her older sister. Apparently, Apple just creates new versions every so often to pump up sales.

I stopped at the local TJ Max and bought a set of those ear bud things and had my youngest explain how I could take music from a CD and put it on my computer and then put it inside this little contraption. I was stunned when, in a matter of minutes, I had 150 songs inserted and ready to play. She then pointed out that I could plug the thing into my car and the music would come out of my radio.

Phase II:  My wife takes that morning train and at 5 o’clock she takes it home again… 5 days of the week. She works at the SEC (she also works with me as a Realtor) which is located adjacent to Union Station.  Most days, around 4 p.m. I have had enough of her being absent from my side. On some days, I just ride over to Rockville so we can meet and have a little time together before we return to the fray of raising a family and running a household. Those of you that have children and pets and grass that keeps growing understand the need for even a 30 minute respite now and then.

I drove over to Rockville to meet her one afternoon this week. It was a beautiful sunny afternoon and we agreed to meet in the bank parking lot and talk a walk around Rockville Center. Window shopping, maybe an ice cream cone and some time just enjoying each other was on the menu.

While I waited for her to pull into the lot, I plugged that little thing into the car and just like magic, my music came out of the speakers. Lourdes pulled in and parked next to me and like magic, that song came on. I turned it up and motioned for her to get out of her car.

I stood in the parking lot, arms opened and she smiled as she embraced me and we began to dance. We looked at each other as the song played and we were both transported to a certain patch of sand on the beach in Ocean City. For a two or three minutes, we were no longer on asphalt surrounded by parked cars. We were locked in to reliving the first dance we shared after exchanging our marriage vows. It was just Lourdes, me and Etta James. “At last” played to the last note and we were captivated, lost in moment in time that will always find refuge in our hearts.

The song ended and we walked hand-in-hand towards the shopping area. We had just started down the street when a woman parked on the corner called out to us.

“I don’t know if you are just dating or are married or what, but for the last five minutes, I just watched the two of you dance in a parking lot. I only hope that my children grow up and find the passion and love you just shared. Thank you for reminding me that love is alive.”

She loaded her two children in the car and drove off.

I just smiled at the only woman in the world and thought, I like the hidden beauty of new technology.

Never overlook any opportunity to take the one you love in your arms and just dance.

heart fingers

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