You can buy your dream … even if it doesn’t look like it

Let the naysayers impugn FHA loans. They still represent a path to the home of your dreams. Get creative. Call me. If we put our heads together, you might be surprised at what you can accomplish. My number is 301-509-5111.

If you want more information about the FHA 203K loan and would like to know if it would work for you, I recommend that you speak with Cedric Johnson. Cedric does FHA 203k loans and he has more experience in that aspect of lending than any other loan officer I know. He is responsive, professional and he also has the ability to explain the 203K process in terms you will understand.

Cedric Johnson
Prospect Mortgage
Senior Loan Officer
Renovation Specialist
Virginia Continuing Education Instructor FHA 203k – Board Certified
540-882-4176 Direct
703-926-5417 Cell
703-564-3704 Fax
NMLS# 200014
CE Inst# 0211 000415

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