Checking out the crime stats?

How’s that working for ya?

equal housing sharp

One day, probably sooner than later, everyone will be a member of a “protected class”.  Labels apparently are very important.  In real estate, all the agents are supposed to be dancing to the same tune.  Agents are instructed not to share anything that may be construed as being “steering” or influencing clients, prospects, customers and folks at the corner grocery.  As the focus on what can and can not be shared is defined, the information that can be shared is narrowed.

The reasons for the laws are well documented. In the past, some agents apparently were more concerned about holding onto their personal prejudice than actually doing the job they were trained to do.

Lenders practiced “red-lining”, agents practiced “steering” and “block busting”.

Back in the day, the agent had all the information and the consumer was dependent on what the agent shared.  Agents had their own agenda and it was a terrible system.

The internet changed all that.

Well, not exactly. Apparently, lots of newer agents don’t understand the laws or why they exist. They blindly say things like, “I can’t really discuss schools in the area with you. I can refer you to a website where you can research the data yourself” or “I can’t tell you whether or not this is a safe neighborhood, but I can share a website that will provide you with crime data.”

It’s not supposed to be that way.  If an agent can do no more than open doors to homes for sale, what the hell good are they?  If you are left with researching everything, why do you need an agent?  Sure, they are handy to have when preparing an offer. They are good to have in your corner when evaluating and negotiating. But really, if they don’t know the area, why are they there?

I am here to tell you that an agent can share information. They can share school data and crime data. They just have to share the same data with every one.  They can not share information in a manner that puts a different slant on a neighborhood depending on whom they are speaking with at the time.

Be the same, be honest and stop looking over your shoulder. A neighborhood expert is not the agent that knows all the websites you can check. A neighborhood expert is the agent that knows and shares accurate information.

You can always use an agent that refers you to a website for information. Checking crime in DC, you might see low numbers for sexual assaults on women. You would have that comfort. Of course, recently, we saw just how data might not be DATA.

Or you could use a life long DC resident agent that will tell you and anyone else what you need to know…fairly and honestly.

Checking out crime stats? How’s that working for ya?

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