Frankly My Dear, WE do give a Damn !

Oh Rhett, you said we would always have Tara

                    I don’t suppose being a real estate agent carries the same frustrations shared by Rhett Butler in “Gone with the wind”.  It does have it’s moments.  Buying and selling real estate often includes challenges that threaten the serenity we all seek in our professional lives.  It happens.  There are agents that do leave you with the thought that maybe, just maybe, they “didn’t give a damn”. Some of you reading this have felt that way and you know exactly what I am talking about. To be fair, most agents care. The problem often is the result of inexperience.  Paralysis by analysis gives way to a deafening silence when clients expect answers.  The real or potential liability of “messing up” seems to cause agents that haven’t done many transactions to crawl into a “hypothetical cave” and wait for the storm to pass.  Clients are left wondering if letting their nephew, whom is just starting a career, handle their transaction was the wisest course to take.  Some are left to ponder if choosing their agent just because the agent works for a “name brand” company didn’t leave them with a well manicured, practiced script spouting novice. It may be hard to care about clients when you are struggling to understand the intricacies of your new profession or when you have not “done the dance” in a real ballroom.

         Frankly, my dear, we do give a damn.  It matters to us that every potential buyer is counseled at the beginning of their adventure and that they keep receiving advice and counsel throughout the process. Knowing exactly what to do and when to do it is important. Knowing why is comforting.  Our strength was not developed by attending more classes to generate fancy alphabetical designations on our business cards.  Our ability to take processes and language inherent in real estate and translate and explain them in layman’s terms is the cumulative result of handling hundreds of transactions as an agent and as a manager.  Experience is the birth place of understanding, actual skill development and knowledge.  I am not the first to share, knowledge is power.  Moving a transaction smoothly from start to finish takes power.

Experience has taught us valuable lessons.  It has also led us to make a significant change in our business model.  You see, there are practices that occur in real estate that have never settled well with us.  We have spent our entire career under the umbrella of the largest brokerages in the DC market.  There was a time when we actually bought into the theory that the branding offered by those firms was necessary to gain credibility with potential clients.  Experience has taught us otherwise.  The public is inundated with glitzy commercials that are long on statistic bending but short on reality.  We have spent time behind the curtain and would prefer to continue our practice in the light of day.

Our new home


         We have moved our practice.  You see, the big firms have chosen what they advertise as a “consumer friendly, one stop shopping environment”.  They have developed a model that offers agents, lending and settlement services under one roof.  The move caused the government to step in and require them to disclose their relationship to consumers.  Another part of the model uses “preferred partners”  in areas like home warranties, home inspections and insurance.  “Preferred partners” have been vetted and give the consumer one more choice when seeking assistance.

          Century 21 New Millennium is not a one stop shop.  We are free to offer recommendations for lenders, title companies, home warranties, home inspections and insurance.  In addition to the firms that have been vetted and established a relationship with Century 21, we can actually give our clients choices (if they ask) based on our experience with firms.  We receive no kick backs or other considerations for our recommendations.  The companies we recommend have performed in the past and have proven to be worthy or our trust.  Our clients are not charged a “transaction fee”.  We are  quite comfortable operating on the commission earned on sales and prefer to pay any additional fees out of our commission.  Working with us, you will get what you pay for… experience that makes a difference.  Give us a call or text us at 301-509-5111.

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