Excellence Comes Standard!

          Real estate is a strange profession.  Ideally, real estate agents are supposed to focus on helping consumers in a buying or selling transaction. There is money to be made, no doubt.  When the market was soaring, everybody wanted to get into real estate.  Why not?  It certainly was easy to get in. In this area, you had to take a 60 hour course and pass a couple of exams and voila…you too were a real estate agent.

         Actually, it takes less training and time to be a real estate agent than it does to become the barber or hair stylist that cuts your hair.  Of course a lousy hair cut is visible to everyone and bad barbers or bad hair stylists are soon out of work.  Real estate agents have the benefit of working in the shadows.  Most of the people they serve don’t know what should be done and evaluate the agent based on personal bench marks.  If no one is the wiser, bad agents just keep on turning up with the regularity of a bad penny.  Don’t get me wrong, bad agents aren’t for the most part bad people.  They just seem to be less experienced.  Eventually, they may figure it out.

          How can you tell the difference between the good and the bad?  Lots of articles are written about reviewing a few agents before selecting one.  Now that sounds like a good plan, but what criteria should you be considering?  No offense to your nephew or your co-workers cousin.  They might be wonderful people, but a family relationship should not be your only benchmark.  Your first question should be “Have you done this before?” or ” How many transactions have you been experienced?”  It is not always wise to have your experience be the training ground for someone.  Experience does make a difference.  You will fare much better when situations arise if your agent is cool, calm and collected because they have “been there” and “done that”.  Your results will be more favorable when you are represented by someone that is focused on a plan rather than someone that is hoping they guessed right.  An experienced agent will put you in the strongest position during negotiations.  Lessons learned through hundreds of transactions create a sense of confidence that should not be over looked. ( Back in the wild wild west, the experienced gunfighters knew – never draw when facing the sun.)

         We certainly hope that if you are in the market to buy or sell, you take the time to at least contact us.  We have done this before. You have a choice in representation. Choose wisely.  Give us a call or text us at 301-509-5111.

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