Real Estate in DC Metro Area … HELP!

Wouldn’t it be nice. You need real estate help, you sign in and go to Google and type “real estate in dc metro area” and voila………the first name on the list is just what you need.  Although that could happen, the likelihood of it occurring is minimal.  You just can’t get specific answers when you ask general questions.  There are all sorts of scientific formulas that explain away the occasional direct hit, but common sense tells us that the more defined the question, the more narrow in scope the answer.

Real estate help in the DC metro area is available on-line.  If you type it in Google, you get about 7,340,000 results (0.22 seconds) .  I have no doubt that one or two of the 7,340,000 results will be helpful. If you are like most folks, you would like a smaller group to read through.  Well, I can not compete with the Zillows and Trulias and Redfins on Google. They all have legions of cyber gurus and millions of dollars to get placed first on almost every search. Just because they are the biggest and most prominent does not mean they are the best or the brightest. Everything that has been shared on the internet about real estate in the DC metro area is somewhat overwhelming. You could reasonably spend hours sorting through the information. When you get right down to it, there is a lot of repetition. What do you do to make the process more manageable? My first advice would be to pass by information shared by “ghost writers” that are located somewhere else.

Valid knowledge about any area should be garnered from sources that actually reside in that area. It doesn’t make sense to rely on the impressions of someone in Chicago or Seattle (that has only read about DC). You want to live or by locally -use locally generated information. (Do you really think people in Chicago or Seattle have a clue about the differences between NOMA and the neighborhood on the other side of the street?) I am local. I live and work in DC.  I can reduce your search time and get you started in the right direction.

This information is intended for those that are buying or selling real estate ( it is also helpful for those that are selling and then buying real estate).  If you are just curious and want something to read, you may find this information interesting and at some level entertaining.  You might just want to book mark it for future reference.

Now, let’s get specific (Click on the appropriate link below)



Or you can just fill out the form and get started right away


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