Charity? Charity begins at home

I can not be the only person that has seen real estate agents promote their business with statements like “we donate a percentage of every commission check to (fill in the name of any charity).  I suppose they are hoping to bond with folks that support the same charity.  Some of them use the old stand by catch all…”we will make a donation to the charity of your choice”.  Really?  Charity begins at home.

Let me get this straight, if you are hired to perform a job, when you are paid you will donate some of your hard earned money to a charity. Does that sound about right?  I think it is admirable to donate a portion of your income to charities. God knows, I have done so all of my adult life.  Now that is about as much as I would share.  Those of you that know me personally know that I have continued to support the efforts to rebuild following Hurricane Katrina. That is my choice and other than this note, I keep it to myself. I do offer rebates to buyers and sellers.

Charity begins at home. I do not believe that your choice of a real estate agent should be a factor in which charity you support and how much you want to support them.  While my personal giving is impacted by my income, it really doesn’t have much to do with one individual transaction and it certainly doesn’t make me any more or less qualified to represent clients. I think my clients deserve the right to pick and choose how they spend their money.  If they want to support a particular charity, I think they should be free to do so, with their own money.

I suppose this is yet another reason starting with contracts signed after April 15, 2011, we offer a rebate of a portion of the commission earned on sales to our clients. It is a much better system to allow them the freedom to do what they want with the money.  If they want to send it all to the “Rebuild Tibetan Monasteries Fund”, then they should be free to do so.  Our goal is to put money back in their pocket.  Charity begins at home.  If you are considering the purchase or sale of a home, we make sure our clients receive a rebate.  If you would like to know more, just click on this CONTACT US,  we will follow up with you.

My name is John MacArthur. I work with Remax Realty Centre. My partner Lourdes Tudela and I encourage you to Experience the Difference.

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