Father knows best

It is one thing to become an adult.  It is another to gain experience.

Sure, you have survived the happy hours, and the late night parties while in school.  You have begun to put together a career. Maybe you have already found your soul mate. Sometimes, saying you have all the answers sounds good, but that little voice of doubt still whispers in the back of your mind.

It’s time to find a home of your own. Do you rent? Do you share a room? Do you buy?

The world of real estate is confusing. Research on-line offers little in the way of clear answers. For every thing you read telling you to do it one way, there is another article telling you the exact opposite.

Search for mortgage information and the answers are even more convoluted. Rates all seem low, but there is always an asterisk (*) directing you to the fine print that is ambiguous at best.

You need an interpretor.  You need someone to explain the process and the terms used. You need some advice.  You need clear cut answers to your questions.  You need information that relates to your situation.

Father knows best.  Real Estate Questions … Let’s Ask Dad.

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