Cattail Creek … 15 minutes more and a world away


Isn’t it time you came home to serenity?

You have done your time. The kids are grown, educated and out on their own.  You’ve had the AARP  membership card in your wallet for over 5 years.  You’ve moved up the professional ladder. Isn’t it time you enjoyed the fruits of your labor?  The house seems a little bigger now that it has become and empty nest.  A lot of your long time neighbors have moved and a younger group of people is gentrifying your neighborhood.  You still like to stop and chat and you feel surrounded by people that communicate via text messages.  The friendly chats over backyard fences have been replaced with a new language shared over high speed internet connections.

There is a place for you. Age restricted communities have cropped up all over the area.  Homes for people 55+ have certain calming benefits.  A lifestyle that you thought had vanished can be recaptured when you live among peers.  The evening walk that used to be part of your routine can find it’s way into your schedule again.  Sitting outside and enjoying an afternoon can become a treat again.  Age restricted communities do not suffer from the cacophonous sounds emitted from boob boxes that dot the landscape in the suburbs.  It is not a place people go to die…it is a place that those of us that still enjoy life go to LIVE.  Cattail Creek is one of those places.

This view is considered by many to be more pleasurable

than this view !

The difference … about a 15 minute drive.

If you think about it,  you already spend more time commuting than you care to admit.  Why would you even consider adding 30 minutes a day to the time already lost in the drive to and from work?  The answer is found where you park your car.  The answer is found in how much you enjoy home once you arrive.  The answer is found in how enjoyable are your weekends.  The answer is found in your understanding that the home that housed your family is really too much to take care of anymore.  The answer is found in Cattail Creek.

This is not going to change.

You can decide how you want to live after suffering through this maze, day after day.  Sure, you can consider moving to a place like Leisure World.  If you visit the shopping center in Leisure World Plaza, you may not see any difference from the markets in your current neighborhood.  It may seem a lot like jumping from the frying pan into the fire.  You will be surrounded by high rises.  You will be very close to neighborhoods that include single family homes and hundreds of apartments for rent.  You may see that you are on the cusp of the very lifestyle you are trying to escape.

Try this one weekend.  Head out Georgia Avenue and travel 15 minutes or so north of Leisure World.  If it is around lunch time, I heartily recommend that you stop at the Sunshine Store and get a sandwich (more on that in another article).  You will soon come upon Cattail Creek. Drive around the neighborhood.  See how some people that are 55+ are enjoying their life. It could be you.  After your drive, if you would like to consider a home in Cattail Creek, give me a call at 301-509-5111.  I will be glad to speak with you and set up a time we can sit down face to face and talk about moving from the empty nest to a new home located in area that actually fits the lifestyle you desire.

Cattail Creek … 15 minutes more and a world away.

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