How do you pick an agent to represent you?

There has to be a better way !

All the experts say that you should have a real estate agent represent you when buying or selling a home.  That sure sounds like a good idea, but how do you pick an agent to represent you?  There seems to be a lot of agents to choose from.  You can go on line and just type in the name of any town and real estate agent and in a flash your google machine will spit out a gazillion choices.  You can call the agent that is listed as selling the home you like ( this opens a can of worms because in Maryland and DC they can’t really represent you).  There is always the option of asking a family friend whom they would recommend.

Maybe there is another option that will do the trick.

It might be wise to slow down and realize that whomever you choose is going to assist you in one of the largest purchases you will ever make.  It is more than just a purchase.  The agent chosen will have a big role in helping you find your home.  Money will come and go, home is every day.

Why not create a little checklist and then use the checklist when researching potential agents.  Try to avoid anyone that focuses on what they’ve done and hone in on those that are quiet and listen to what your dreams include.  Some agents will have more designations ( i.e. that long string of initials behind their name) than others.  Designations are like diplomas, they only indicate the agent passed the classes.  Those letters do not guarantee that the agent has a clue about the actual practice of real estate in your market.  A solid checklist should include :

  • Has the agent done successful transactions in your market.
  • Has the agent had clients that are similar in age and professional level as you.
  • Does the agent listen to you before making suggestions about how to proceed.
  • Does the agent communicate with clients in manner that you communicate (phone, email, text, etc).
  • Are you comfortable with the agent

Everyone has their own idiosyncrasies.  Some agents still really do use what appears to be a high school photo on their card and website.  There are some agents that want to put you in their car and drive you around. You have to find an agent that works well within your comfort level.  The process may take a little more time, but you will find the rest of the journey to your new home a much smoother ride.

I am always open to hearing from you. If you have found a method that works, let me know.


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