Don’t throw away your Maryland Homestead Exemption


Just as they do every year, the Maryland State Government has sent out their yearly tax bills to homeowners. Most residents have opened the bill, groaned at the current evaluation and filed the bill away. You see, if your lender is escrowing your real estate taxes, you don’t have to do anything else.

This year, the State of Maryland has decided to require every homeowner to reapply for the Homestead Deduction. In the envelope, there is the standard assessment notice and two additional pages.

Now these additional pages look just like the usual junk mail that the State stuffs in everything they send out. All is not as it appears. The inserted pages must be looked at and reviewed and used.

One of these pages informs the property owner that everyone must apply to “continue” receiving their Homestead Deduction. That’s right, you snooze, you lose. Don’t pay on damn dime more than you should have to pay.  But please, please, (did I say please)…PAY ATTENTION!!!!

Things have changed….again ….. see Official Notice From State of Maryland

Don’t toss your current deduction in the circular file.

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