Would you be my neighbor….Olney area…Norbeck Meadows homes for sale

OK…I work with lots of buyers. Sellers…not so much. So, I am not the listing agent on many homes. Actually, I prefer it that way most of the time. I really don’t believe in the old school method of selling your own listings. I got into real estate after working in the real world. I know that you can not represent two sides on any transaction. Oh, you can spin that any way that you want, but you can not represent two sides in a transaction. Go ahead, hide the pea under a thimble, you still can not represent both sides of a transaction. That being said… There are some fine homes for sale in my neighborhood.

16904 George Washington Drive, Rockville, MD 20853


Now before you start thinking this is a bit pricey, come see the house. The folks at the listing agent give their sellers a list of things that should be done before the house is on the market. The owners did it all. I know. They live right behind me. We visited the house often in the past and watched them empty lots of stuff during the estate sale. This is a great neighborhood and rates a walking scale of 10 out of 10 on Maggie’s list. If you want to see this one, give me a call at 301-509-5111…like I said it is next door and quite convenient.

Update…Under Contract in 37 days, awaiting appraisal

4521 Valley Forge Drive, Rockville, MD 20853


Ha ha ha ha ha, this one was priced at $549,000. The above home was listed and the agent figured that she would make this a real bargain by reducing the price to $1,000 below the new one. Cracks me up. O.K., drive another block and save big. Well the house is really nice, it is located around the corner from us. We love it here and figure you might love it too…..so call me at 301-509-5111 and I will be glad to show you this house.

Update…Under Contract if the buyer can sell their home

4505 Cherry Valley Drive, Rockville, MD 20853


Can you say “opps missed the window….FREE FALL” Can’t believe that this one is still on the market. It is now with the second listing agent. It happens. The missus and I are really fond of this home. We have the same floor plan. Well, they have done more than we have, but walking through the open houses certainly gave us ideas. The floors are just fabulous. Already mentioned the neighborhood is sweet. Oh, golfers….Norbeck Country Club is right next door! I can show it. Call me 301-509-5111.

Update…Still in free fall…..now at $519,000…330 days on the market.

4708 Cherry Valley Drive, Rockville, MD 20853


Song sung blue, everybody knows one….house selling short, every neighbor has one….This is ours. Two loans one bank and a pipe dream of getting the price they are asking. If you think $539,000 is off the mark…they started this one at $590,000. Wow….now, it is in my neighborhood…and this is a neighborhood to love…you know the drill…dog loves it here…golfers love it here….we love it here…. If you are interested in this home, call me 301-509-5111. Let’s negotiate with the dreamers and see if you can’t call this one home.

Update…under contract scheduled to close August 14.

There you have it…all close by. This is Norbeck Meadows….the place JMac calls HOME.

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