Third time is a CHARM !

Ben and Laura have a contract !

We’re moving to Dundalk !

You may have perused the previous blog about this young couple’s journey from star gazing new parents to actual bonafide home owners. They have been through the wringer with full price offer’s that were turned aside when the seller decided not to sell to the contract that wasn’t a contract.

Well, we kept searching and showing and pondering and suggesting. They kept viewing and talking and deciding. They took that leap of faith and made yet another offer.


Now the process begins. Home inspection, appraisal and confirmation of the loan. There are still ups and downs that occur in every transaction. They are good with that. You see, it won’t be long before this delightful young couple will sit at a settlement table, sign more papers than they could imagine and receive the keys to their NEW HOME.

I know I have heard it somewhere before and there must be proof in this batch of pudding. The third time is a charm.

Lourdes and I could not be happier. We just thought you ought to know, there is gold at the end of the rainbow. You just have to wait out the storm. When it stops raining, it is there for you.

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