There’s no place like home for the Holidays !

The first chilly mornings have come and gone. Leaves are beginning to turn in some areas and in others they have already fallen. I am reminded of the old saying ” the frost is on the pumpkin”. In a normal buying cycle, we would be seeing a slow down in home buying until after the first of the year. This is anything but a normal buying cycle.

Interest rates on mortgages are as low as anyone can remember!

Families with children have them registered in school for the new year and the thought of moving now may seem just out of the question. Of course, that used to be the mindset of buyers in normal buying cycles. Now, moms and dads are rethinking that choice. Let’s be honest, if you are able to move from one home to another and remain in the same County and maybe the same school district, why not take advantage of rates you may never see again. There is a good chance, you might just find the home of your dreams this weekend or the next.

But we’ve tried to buy recently

There are some folks that have tried to buy and been either “outbid” or just had their offer rejected. It has happened to some people more than once. In a normal market, that might be an indication that right now is not the time to try to buy. This is anything but a normal market.

Meet Ben and Laura Thompson. They welcomed their first child and began searching for a new home in the same week. The looked at home after home after home after home. They submitted an offer on a townhouse only have to have the seller change their mind and take the home off the market. They submitted an offer on a small home and the listing agent called to say “you got the house”. Ten minutes later, the listing agent called to say “we have a higher offer and we are taking it.” Ben and Laura did not quit. They realized interest rates are low. They had qualified for a first time home buyers grant. They put an offer on yet one more house.

Ben and Laura now have a home for the holidays.

Maybe 10-10-10 was your BIG day

You have spent the summer getting ready for the event. Now you are back from a honeymoon, nestled in the confines of an apartment. In a normal market, you might want to wait until Spring to begin searching for your first home. This is anything but a normal market. Why spend time planning your first holiday season when you could be finding the perfect home for the holidays?

There is no guarantee that interest rates will remain low after the November elections

Things haven’t gone quite according to plan

You see, this is anything but a normal market. It is a time when interest rates are low and sellers perceive it to be a buyers market. It is a time when you should consider taking advantage of both of those facts. There are reasonably priced homes in neighborhoods that once were thought to be out of reach. Waiting now may cost you later.

Here’s even better news

It will not cost you one dime to get a complete picture of your opportunities. Any qualified lender can determine what you can afford. If you are interested in the first time home buyers grant, we will be glad to represent you and put you in touch with the appropriate people. Once you see what is possible, we will make ourselves available to search high and low for the home that meets your needs.

We urge you to avoid being in the position of looking back and thinking “I should have …”

Lourdes Tudela and John MacArthur

ReMax Realty Centre


We understand that this is and has been an anything but normal market. We have successfully helped buyers throughout the roller coaster ride of prices falling and interest rates fluctuating. If you believe, we believe in your dream. If you have tried and don’t think you can find a home, let us help you try again. We can find you a home.

We are familiar with all Maryland counties close to the District of Columbia and most neighborhoods in DC as well. We live here. We can give you access to data regarding schools and crime. We can point out the impact of the ICC on a neighborhood. We know the commuter routes and the best ways to get from here to there.

Give us a call at 301-509-5111

You could be in a new home before the end of the year.

There’s no place like home for the holidays !

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