Sometimes Real Estate is not enough or how I stopped loving to be a burr in your saddle

I know that there is a school of thought that firmly believes that blogging for business in real estate requires that the blogger focus on real estate. I have often mentioned that I may be on the leading edge of the baby boomer group, but that puts me close to the rear of the technological movement. Many of the things that enhance readership and placement in search engines are described with terms I can not define. To me, they are like the wind. I can not see the wind, but I know it is there. I can feel the wind and the impact of the wind, but I can not see the wind. I am blind to the wind and I am blind to long tails, google juice and seo and all the other “nerdy” terms.

So, I know that I should be focusing on prices and market share and houses for sale and financing and bank owned and REO and all that stuff. Some times I do. There are other times when I sit down and dash off a blog about something else. I leave it in draft form. I re-work it. I re-word it. Then I delete it.

I thought maybe I should have a different blog for each need. I created them. What do you expect? WordPress practically begs you to do so. There is a cost for the free blog. It is not mandatory, but what is 8.99 among friends (price subject to change at godaddy’s whim). If you are going to have a blog, you really should buy the url that is catchy and memorable. The url (what you type in the little blank bar at the top of the screen before hitting enter to go to a web site) that is attached to wordpress blogs is always going to be what you name the blog …e.g.


The picture has nothing to do with this blog. I just thought maybe I was spending time putting lipstick on a pig with this entry.

Here is the rub. I do not live, breathe and sleep real estate. I actually have a life. I have opinions. I have thoughts outside the well defined boundaries of business discussion. I have been around since before the Civil Rights Movement was founded. I was a father before man stepped on the moon. My first sport’s wager was on the 1958 NFL football game (Note…I bet the Giants and lost). My knowledge of all many of the things that impact our society today did not come from a history book… I lived it. I have lived through more change in my life than occurred since the nation was founded and the day I was born.

So, sometimes things happen that really get to me. I do not have any other avenue of cathartic relief other than to sit down and write. It is one of the things that I do. I have been castigated by those that have beliefs other than mine for sharing my thoughts. I have received not so friendly email. I have elicited some rather harsh comments. The vitriol shared has caused me to pause and think maybe I should just focus on real estate.


To paraphrase Meatloaf “I can’t do that”. You see the absence of tighter controls on firearms leads to innocent people being killed. I happen to believe that if we forget our past, we are doomed to repeat the same mistakes. Racism is wrong. Profiling is wrong. Sexism is wrong. Jingoism is wrong. Theocratic supremacy is wrong.

Oh, and I am probably wrong for saying that all those things are wrong…but I believe they are. I wrote a blog about the new law in Arizona…. Quite a few people reared their heads and shared that I was wrong and the plague of brown skinned illegals was sufficient to justify circumventing the U.S. Constitution. There was enough hate in the comments that I took it down.

I said to myself…”Self, no more. Stick to market reports, cute sales come ons, etc.”



  • BP carelessly handled safety issues and blew up an off shore oil pumping something or other. In the process, they murdered 11 workers while releasing thousands upon thousands of gallons of oil into the Gulf of Mexico.
  • The nation of Israel determined that an unarmed flotilla from Turkey bringing aid to the residents of Gaza was really a terrorist support group and murdered peace activists while commandeering the vessel.
  • The court system in the District of Columbia threw out a drug conviction because the defendant was arrested for disorderly conduct and the judge did not think the behavior was sufficient for arrest.
  • The conviction of police officer’s that committed the murder on the bridge following Katrina was only mention is a small column deep inside the local paper.
So, I will continue to deal with this conundrum. I will try to find the balance. I will probably actually use the multi-blog system and the angst will not appear here. I know when I should just keep my fingers still and where I can let them dance the night away.
Just thought I would share. I get it. I don’t want it, but, I get it.


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