Please don’t ask me to help you beat the system. I’m in this business for the long haul!

I read many of the blogs posted on Active Rain. I am often surprised how often agents fail to follow the admonition…If you are a fool, keep your mouth closed rather than speaking (or blogging) and announcing the fact to the world. It is foolish to think that personal gain can be used as justification for breaking the law or skirting ethics.

Richard has shared what should be the view of EVERY agent. I say should be because there are so many willing to look the other way and cash a paycheck.

Via Richard Weisser Coweta Fayette Real Estate

It seems like lately I get more and more phone calls from frustrated prospective buyers that wish to capitalize on the low prices of houses in our area combined with some pretty amazing low interest rates.

The problem is, these would-be investors don’t qualify for an owner-occupant loan, but at the same time, do not wish to pay either the additional down-payment or the higher interest rates for loans on investment property.

So they ask me to come up with a workaround to help them beat the system. And I have an answer for them.


Do they honestly think that I will risk fines, imprisonment, or the loss of my livelihood for a mere commission?

Do the truly believe that I would sacrifice my integrity and professional image for a few measly dollars?

Do they actually realize that what they are asking me to do is criminal? As a matter of fact, when they start talking about dragging an appraiser or a loan officer in it is actually a criminal conspiracy to defraud.

As a former once president stated so ineloquently, I am not a crook. I will not participate in schemes or conspiracies. I’m not in this business to make a fast buck.

I’m in it for the long haul!

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