Online shopping…instant gratification ? Not so fast grasshopper!

It’s that time of the year. The world wide web is the vehicle of choice for more and more holiday shoppers.  The big deal this year is “free shipping”.  Hmmm, you don’t have to drive to the mall.  You don’t have to find a place to park. You don’t have to wade through crowds.  You don’t have to sort through misplaced merchandise. You don’t have to fight anyone for your purchase.  You don’t have to spend time looking for items that are sold out.  You don’t have to stand in a line that stretches out the door.  You don’t have to suffer the attitude of the over-worked and under-paid sales person.  You don’t have to lug all the purchases back out to the car.  You don’t have to worry about your car being broken into and gifts stolen. You don’t have to fight through traffic and drive home.  I can see there are a lot of advantages to the shift to on-line shopping.


You can buy “things” on line.  It has been an increasingly valid way of shopping for the last several years.  You can search, price check, order and finish shopping without ever changing from pajamas in the morning.

You should not confuse the ease of shopping on line with the searching and investigating used for the determination of a new home purchase.

The two experiences are truly “apples and oranges”.

Sure, you can go to one of the thousand’s of on-line sites that offer homes for sale.  You can put in your general “wish list” and then view the homes that meet your criteria.  Once you narrow your list down, you can call a random agent for assistance.  You may be tempted to call the listing agent thinking they you will get a better deal.  In Maryland, you need to remember that the listing agent represents ONLY  the seller and by law, they CAN NOT represent you. All the information they provide will be in the best interest of their client…the seller.  You can go through various on line referral sources to find an agent.  The only guarantee in that situation is that you will be talking with an agent that paid to have their name on the list.  Any agent with an extra $30 per month can be on some lists. They may have experience or they may work at Wal-Mart full-time and real estate is a side venture.  Your other choice is to ask friends and relatives for the name of agent that has actually done a good job representing them.  If you decide to do the research, you should actually sit down with a few agents.  Find one that you can TRUST.  The home buying process is not simple. There will be times when you will have your doubts. If you trust the agent you are working with, you will find that it will be easier to sleep at night.  It will take time, but the right agent will help you find a home.

Online shopping…instant gratification ? Not so fast grasshopper!

Lourdes Tudela and John MacArthur

We are Tudela-MacArthur. Our main focus is representing buyers.  We understand the nature of the process and are comfortable answering questions until our clients understand as well.  This is not an easy market.  Buyers have to sort through short sales, bank owned property, corporate owned property, foreclosures and regular sales.  Each of these categories present different challenges.  Information found on line may or may not be correct.  Prices shown on line may or may not be accurate.  Buying a home has never been more challenging.  We would welcome to opportunity to assist you in meeting that challenge.  We can be reached at 301-509-5111.


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