Online listings … fattening frogs for snakes

The picture on line looks so inviting.

You read the remarks and it seems to be a perfect fit for you.  The price is right. The location is good. You pick up the phone and call the listing agent. In most cases, he or she is very helpful. Why shouldn’t they be helpful? You may be the source of double ending a commission. Sure, the will casually mention that they represent the landlord. The will then sort of pre-qualify you. It is quite the psychological game. The more you want the house, the more effort you put into answering the questions. You silently pray that you will pass muster and be able to rent the home. They will share all the benefits of the home with you.

Fattening frogs for snakes.

Back in the day, this sort of behavior was called fattening frogs for snakes. These folks keep sharing the sizzle so you are emotionally tied to the outcome.  In your zeal to please, you overlook the fact that you have no representation in the transaction. Your rights are not being considered.

Soon enough, you will fattened up and a fine meal

It is understandable. The rental market is very competitive.  You have kids moving out of home for the first time. You have people re-locating to the area. You have people that have lost their home in the recent downturn in the economy. There is not a shortage of people willing to bend over backwards to get the home they want. Few of them realize the importance of having a Realtor represent them. Advocacy is a valuable asset.

Without representation, you can end up in the belly of the beast

Did you know there is a limit to how much of a repair deductible you can be charged?  Did you know the length of the lease you are entitled to review?  Did you know how much rent you can be required to pay in advance? Do you really understand all the legal terminology in your lease? Having a Realtor represent you can lead to answers to all of these questions.

This is not the problem

It is fair that the owner of the property uses the proceeds from your rent to pay off his mortgage. It is however a problem if he fails to keep the home in good condition. It is a problem if he fails to have repairs made in a timely fashion. It is a problem and while it should be his problem, if you don’t know your rights from day one…the problem will be yours. Thinking of renting?  Contact us at 301-509-5111.

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