now is the time

It seems that a lot of the folks I talk to say that they wish they had bought a home two years ago. The market has changed and even the wisest of experts can not predict which direction it will take. We have experienced a few years of price increases that have far exceeded any past predictions. Homes have literally doubled in price in some areas. Oh to have had a crystal ball in January of 2003.

I thought about it. I have to agree. If you are sitting there today, considering purchasing a new home, it is easy to say “we should have done that two years ago.” Looking at today’s prices, it seems logical that a purchase in 2003 would have been a great investment. I suppose you should remember that you are looking at 2003 prices with a 2006 income. Maybe you were not really in a position to buy two years ago.

I have one hope in talking with these folks. I don’t want to be sitting with them in 2008 and hearing them say “we should have bought two years ago.” Prices may level off or they may actually go down a bit, but as sure as the sun comes up every morning, those prices will rise again. There is no better time to buy than right now.

The current market stagnation has created an environment that supports buying now. There is more inventory and there are fewer buyers. Everyone seems to be waiting for someone else to make a move. Today’s buyer is operating from a position of strength. Prices and terms can be negotiated to create the best deal for a buyer. Home owners are conceding points they held firm just six months ago. This current status will not remain.

People continue to receive jobs that include relocation. Babies are still being born. The need to find a new home remains. Those that act will reap the benefits.

If I hear from you, that will be fine. Just don’t say “I should have bought two years ago.” Now is the time to say “I’m ready.”

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