Just because I can doesn’t mean I understand…School me?

Maybe this should be subtitled

Just how big is a gigabyte

I know, that is a graphic of an atom. They are pretty darn small. When you split one….kaboom. If you split a gigabyte what could possibly happen? Could it cause the end of the world as we know it? It seems the discovery of these little things has certainly changed the world as it used to be.

A friend of mine showed me their new fangled cell phone. It was smaller than a pack of cigarettes. ( For you younger folks, cigarettes were little groups of dried tobacco wrapped in this paper. People would put them in their mouth and lite them and inhale the smoke created. You could fit 20 cigarettes in one pack.) My friend told me that it was a 2 G phone. I gather that meant you could fit 2 gigabytes in the phone. My guess was that would make a gigabyte smaller than 10 cigarettes.

Maybe it is time to just sit on the bench

I admit that I have tried to keep up. I have a laptop. I have a computer. I have a cell phone. I can email. I can blog. I can text. I can tweet. I can do all the things that seem to be important. I am just confused by how rapidly things seem to be changing. I just read that there is now a 4G blackberry. I looked at it on line and it seemed rather small. It was certainly smaller than two packs of cigarettes. Have we found a way to shrink gigabytes?

I have my own secret weapons

This is my hard drive. If I use a pen, the data can not be erased. I admit that it does not offer the sorting feature of more modern versions but if the power goes out, I can still search the system.

These are my laptops. When I use one of them, there is still a lot of lap left. The nice thing about my laptops is that one of them fits neatly in my pants pocket. I don’t have to wait for a signal and I can enter data quickly, anywhere I am. As soon as the information is entered, it is saved. I take one with me every where I go.

Data entry device

This remains to be one of the greatest data entry devices ever invented. It fits neatly in the pocket. It needs no auxiliary power. It is not permanent. Data entered, can be deleted or revised easily. It can be used for text or graphic entries.

Data entry device maintenance system

This is a tool that I carry with me at all times. I can use it to improve the performance of my data entry device or I can use it to prepare a new data entry device. I don’t know if it is as large as a gigabyte. My device has multiple slots for use and has the capacity for both large and small data entry devices.

Data Storage System

I use 3X5 index cards to record each prospect I meet. I can carry about ten of them in my pocket when I am out and about. There is room on these cards for name, phone number and lots of other info. I can use my data entry device and jot down what is important. When I get back home, I can just file it in the data storage system for easy recall. If the prospect is active, I carry it in my pocket. It is an easy way to make sure those folks counting on me are with me all the time.

The most important part of any system

This is the most important part of my system. I am an old guy and I still believe that handshake should be stronger than any written word. When you give your word and confirm what is stated with a handshake, you have physically shared a bond. Your actions indicate your word is your bond. You can find all sorts of ways to weasel out of things you’ve signed… you can not take back a handshake. It is a custom that dates back centuries. I still use it. No one has come up with any amount of gigabytes that can hold or display or solidify an agreement in a stronger fashion.

I read the book. I think that maybe Huxley’s fear about government control was misguided. Watching our world become so connected and instant and well so damn computerized, I have to wonder if it would make a little more sense if the focus were on the large corporations that control the interweb. I may be just an old guy watching the world go by but I sure have to wonder about having all the information and data and such being stored out there somewhere with little if any control over who has access.

Oh, my data….it is pretty secure. I have it all right here. Of course, sometimes I have to search for my glasses to locate it.

And I am willing to admit that I am clueless about gigabytes and seo’s and long tails and hits and misses and all that stuff. Sure, I can use all the tools that are trendy ( obsolete within months) but … just because I can doesn’t mean I understand. School me?

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