If you swim away from shore, you will never reach dry land.


There is another thought that comes to mind. It is “”Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it.” – George Santayana .

Somewhere between the two there is hope for tomorrow.  It must be human nature that causes us to react to tragedy by seeking someone to blame and as a group pointing our collective finger at them.  This reaction was brought to light by the tragedy in Arizona.  It certainly was a made for media event. A judge, a congresswoman and a child and others fell victim to a senseless shooting.  Forensic evidence was still being processed when the finger of blame began making it’s way across the political spectrum.  There may be some validity to the charges that our once civil discourse has moved to a rather base area.  It is no secret that de-sensitizing an entire society has repercussions. I am neither judge nor jury, scholar nor academic.

I do believe that there is a connection between “Roe v. Wade” and the reduced value on life that is exhibited in the violent deaths that occur in our inner cities on a regular basis. Of course, that would be the subject of an entirely different discussion.

It is the start of a new year.  Somehow, lots of people think that January 1st is some sort of bench mark.  Society does not pause, nor does it change course at the stroke of midnight on December 31st.  We are fluid. We can change. We do not have to remain shackled by the mistakes of yesterday. We can move on and make tomorrow better.

As famous as the “Moon dance” by Michael Jackson was, most people did not stop to realize he was looking one way and moving in the other.  The brilliance was in his movement, not his choice of direction.  Focus. His focus was on performing and ours was on the performance.  No one stopped him and said “legs are for moving forward”.  People have walked backwards since man stood erect. He just added style.

The same can be said for mortgage lenders, appraisers, real estate agents, investors, buyers and sellers,etc. that were involved in a real estate transaction during the last five years.  People have been doing exactly what they did since the first real estate transaction was recorded.  No one stopped them. No one stepped forward and asked the all important question – what will be the consequences of your behavior.

We have remained frozen in time.  We have continued to, pardon the expression, “beat a dead horse”.  We spend days, weeks, months and now years attempting to analyze what went wrong.  We are not just remembering the past, we refuse to let it go and move on.  We spend so much energy trying to fix blame, we have little energy left for moving past the mistakes.  It would behoove those in the industry to stop dwelling on yesterday, look at where we are today and take action so that tomorrow is better.

Today interest rates are low but qualifications for loans are more stringent.  Rather than bemoan the tightening that has occurred, we should be marketing to those that still qualify. They do exist. Houses are still being sold every day.  The requirements for acceptable “flipping” have changed. Rather than just walk away from the market, investors should be retooling how they buy and sell.  It is a much harder market.  Agents for years have bemoaned the plethora of agents that are licensed.  Today, you have to know what you are doing to survive. Darwinism has reached into our profession. Rather than complain, it might make more sense to be proud that even in the toughest of times, you are still working.

You have every opportunity to become a leader.  You have every chance to reach out to those that need your services.  You have success before you.  Stop dwelling on the past, stop swimming in the wrong direction.  Turn to the light.  Accept today for what if offers and focus on how to make it better.  Historians will handle the past.

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