Camping in NE Washington DC

Who says you can never go home again? Yesterday, I had the pleasure of returning to Galludet University in NE Washington DC. The event was Rain Camp. Now Rain Camp is not a meteorological gathering. The attendees were not followers of Bob Ryan’s golden shovel or Louie Allen’s stick figure prognostications. Nope, this group was there for the wisdom shared by Bob Kinney, Bob Stewart and Brad (I don’t know why there is an extra H) Andersohn.

I would share a picture but I did not have a camera and I was close enough to Lenn Harley that I am afraid to steal one and use it.

The last time I was involved with Galludet, they used me as their goalie in game several years ago. They deserved much better.

The camp was grand and I learned a lot. If you would like to purchase a home in NE Washington DC contact me.

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