Are You Ready to Try Again ?

A lot of people that contacted us about buying a home disappeared from our radar. We sent listings and emails and made phone calls…we just didn’t hear from them anymore.
There can only be two reasons…. the first (and this happens)

We were a square peg trying to fit into your round hole.


You got lost in the quicksand of conflicting information.

If we were a bad fit, well, that is on us. We must have had an off day. If on the other hand, you found yourself sinking in the quicksand and just decided to wait it out, maybe now is the time to try again.
If every new term was a lizard and every program was a lizard and every type of home for sale was another lizard…the housing market was like a island covered with lizards and there were so many, they all looked the same.

You are not alone in your aversion to wading into that mess. Many folks said, I will just wait this one out. You don’t have to wait anymore. It has become a kinder and simpler market out there.
In the past year, buying a house has become quite a challenge. On the surface, it does not appear to be that difficult. You save a little money, you check out homes for sale on line, you make an offer and you buy a house.

From your lips to God’s ears . . . it should be so easy.

We think it is!

Can we get this situation back on track? Use this link to our home search page and let us know what you really are looking for. We have access to grants for first time buyers. We have access to zero down payment loans in Frederick and Washington Counties. We have done the leg work.

Are you ready to try again?

Give us a call 301-509-5111

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