A “license” to BUY and why most Real Estate Agents require you have one.


ah…..written from Arizona……..we operate the same way here….please understand Mr. Buyer….it isn’t you….it is everyone……..our job is hard enough. there is no reason for us to spend time, money and expertise showing homes from top to bottom, front yard to kitchen………to people that can’t afford the toaster.


Via Amy Jones (Chandler, Arizona RE/Max Excalibur):

I received a call from a potential buyer yesterday and spent a considerable amount of time answering his questions about short sales, foreclosures and the process of buying a home in Arizona.

As we wrapped up our conversation I reiterated that his next step, since he would be financing his home purchase, would be to get pre-approved by a qualified lender. That’s when the conversation changed direction.

Mr. Buyer didn’t feel this pre-approval was necessary. I mean the last time he checked his credit score was in the 700’s.

The fact of the matter is Mr. Buyer, what you think your credit score WAS means nothing to me.

There are a lot of factors that go into the preapproval process and it’s important that you, as the Buyer, know exactly where you stand with the terms of the mortgage. How much are you comfortable with as a monthly payment? How much will you be putting down? What type of financing will you be getting ~ FHA, VA or Conventional? And what is the loan amount you will be approved to receive…today that is.

It doesn’t do me any good to show you homes you may not be approved to buy.

A Loan Status Report (LSR) from a Lender must accompany any offer you make in the State of Arizona. This pre-approval form will ensure that you, your lender & I are all on the same page. Think of your LSR as your “License to Buy”.

This is my business practice, Mr. Buyer. I do not show homes to buyers who are not willing to go through the painless process of speaking with a lender to be pre-approved. This can often be done over the phone and this is where all of my buyers who are financing their purchase must start.

Mr. Buyer was not happy with my business policy. He told me there are a lot of agents out there who will show him homes without being pre-approved first.

Yep, Mr. Buyer, there are. And you are free to work with any one of them.

In fact~ If there are any agents out there who are willing to work with a buyer who is not pre-approved, contact me and I’ll send you those referrals!


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