Western Maryland… Home of your hearts delight

There was a time that Prince George’s County extended from it’s current borders all the way to the Western tip of the State. Of course, that was over three hundred years ago and today that western area now includes Frederick County, which was founded in 1748; Washington County, founded in 1776; Allegany County, founded in 1789; and Garrett County, founded in 1872.

The Western Maryland region has become a favorite home buying destination among people looking for a rural lifestyle. In a manner that mirrors the United States expansion, growth moved west. Garrett County was the final areas to be developed. The area still contains wonderful outdoor settings that appeal to outdoor lovers. There are about 30,000 residents in the county. The county is located on the Allegheny Plateau. The states highest point, Backbone Mountain is located in Garrett County. The natural beauty of the area is the basis for the high tourism which remains the economic mainstay of the county. Deep Creek Lake, a almost 4,000-acre manmade freshwater lake located near the town of McHenry is the areas biggest attraction. The lake is a destination point for boaters and fisherman alike and in the winter cross-country skiers enjoy the trails that are popular with hikers when not snow covered.

Allegany County is just to the east of Garrett County. Allegany has over 75,000 residents. Cumberland is the county seat and is the western terminus of the Chesapeake and Ohio (C&O) Canal. The Canal is now a foot and bike path that stretches from Cumberland 185 miles southeast to Georgetown, Washington, D.C. The historic downtown district is centered around Baltimore Street. Baltimore Street is a pedestrian-only area that features cafes and small specialty shops. In recent times, the local government has used tax breaks for residents that were willing to renovate existing homes.

The next County to the east is Washington County. Washington County has close to 150,000 residents. Hagerstown is the county seat. Hagerstown sits at the crossroads to major destinations to the north, south, east and west. Antietam National Battlefield is in Hagerstown. Almost 500,000 tourists visit Antietam each year, most of them stopping at nearby Prime Outlets, which has over 100 discount retailers. There is also a fifty-acre natural retreat located in Hagerstown called City Park. As you head east from the County seat, you traverse 40 miles of the Appalachian Trail. Hikers can take the trail from here, all the way to Tennessee.

Frederick County is the eastern most of the Counties in this area of Western Maryland. Frederick County is the most transitional County of the region, featuring the outer suburbs of Washington, D.C. in Urbana as well as the parkland region that houses Camp David, the Presidential retreat area. The center point of those two areas is Frederick City. Frederick City features an olde towne area with shops, restaurants and weekend events. Nearby are two Civil War battlefields. The town has major thoroughfares to Gettysburg, PA to the north, Baltimore, MD to the east, Harpers Ferry, WV to the west and Washington, D.C. to the south.

Anyone wishing to relocate to this area is welcome to contact us.

Tudela-MacArthur has traversed these counties for work and play over the years. Western Maryland has everything anyone could seek for a lifestyle. It has been shared often that “Home is where the heart is”. This area of Maryland has something for everyone. You certainly can find something here to warm the “coggles of your heart.”

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