short shots number 1

Short Shots are just random thoughts that strike me…

real estate agents work nights and week ends…lenders beg us to use them…call them on a night or weekend (when you need them) ..they just aren’t there…don’t answer the phone… leave you hanging with a voicemail request….and then act like there is something wrong with being expected to be there when needed….

did i mention….we work when our clients need us …. and when asked, we dial your number… we dial your number with a ready, willing and hopefully able buyer….you know…here is cash in your pocket….just handle it…and you are not there….slays me…

oh, they will call and visit your office during the week looking for referrals…..they will bring gifts and they will donate donuts to the office meeting..


keep your damn pens, golf balls and lunch..just answer the phone when a client needs you...

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