On the Road in Adamstown, MD

You’ve often heard the phrase, “A picture tells a thousand words”. The unspoken truth that should be mentioned in conjunction with that statement is “A camera hides a thousand lies”. This fact is repeatedly supported in the marketing of homes on the internet. Skilled photographers, using all the tricks of the trade, share snapshots of a home that entice the viewer to visit. Upon physical inspection rooms seem smaller, the busy street outside is revealed, the smell of pets or cigarette smoke lingers, and lots of things that just aren’t right become real. I would rather share the experience, good and bad in an essay. You may not find every fact appealing, but you won’t be surprised when you stop by for a visit.


List Price: $325,000

Some people enjoy the crowded streets in the city. There are others that are more comfortable in the pre-planned communities in the suburbs. This home is located beyond the hustle and bustle. This home is just beyond the cookie cutter developments. This home is close to major roads and convenient to shopping but…..those words just don’t tell the whole story.

For just a minute imagine the end of a long day at work. Your drive home is shared with literally hundreds if not thousands of other commuters. The further from city center you drive, the more traffic thins out. You think to yourself “thank god it isn’t raining or snowing”. At some point, you peel off and exit the main road and head home.

A few minutes further is the exit to the peace and tranquility of the Stronghold and the natural valley adjacent to the river. A couple miles more on the same thoroughfare and you would soon be driving alone the banks of the river. The wonderful zen quality of trees in full bloom, the river, the wild life and quiet road home could be yours.

Ten more minutes and you are transported light years away. The harrowing pressure of competing for space on a three lane highway is replaced by an easing off the gas pedal and watching a mother doe with her speckled fawns. The nerve racking tension of keeping track of J-walkers is replaced by the need to keep an eye on the red fox trotting along the tree line. The shrill sound of horns is replaced by the gentle call of geese as they travel to the riverbank.

The life you left behind (it will be there tomorrow) included the fight for a parking space when you got home. This slice of country includes a delightfully colorful garden of multiple varieties of plant life in your front yard. You are surrounded by flowers, trees, plants and shrubs that make up your own “garden of eden”. No one can really put a price tag on peace and comfort. Then again, no one can measure the impact of the stress found in the cities and suburbs.

So what do you find when you get out of the car? This is a stately colonial that is 13 years young. The current owners have been diligent about keeping the home up to date and in cared for condition. Open the front door and step into the formal living room on the right. It is light filled with many windows. Every angle offers a view of the surrounding woods. Take a walk through into the family room that is adjacent to the kitchen. The kitchen, modern, clean and well designed does open to the family room.

I can only imagine the wonderful parties held in the past. It is so nice to be able to prepare the meal and chat with guests. You can’t put your finger on it but the feeling is just “down home comfortable”. There is a formal dining room for those occasions when the “in-laws” show up and you want to put on a nice spread. The area is large enough to put in the extra leaf in the table and do up Thanksgiving Dinner as well.

The upstairs has 3 good sized bedrooms, everyone with a view of the night sky that is incredible. It is amazing how crystal clear the heavens become when you get beyond the haze of the city.

Speaking of star gazing, the deck out back is a perfect spot to enjoy meteor showers, falling stars and the power of the harvest moon. This is a unique opportunity to own a home with features not found down county. This is a chance to get away from it all at the end of every day.

I stood on the porch one night and watched the orange globe of the July moon rise above the trees out back and marveled at how much beauty surrounds us. This home waits on the lucky family that doesn’t mind driving a few minutes for hours of joy.

My name is John MacArthur. I boast that I support my clients every step of the way. I think some of those steps are gentle ones that you use in feeling home in the home you find. If you would like to visit this home, please give me a call and I will arrange to meet you at your convenience. My number is 301-509-5111. My email is macarthurgroup@gmail.com

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