Obama Sleep Over ????


Okay…..I know that there is a big interest in attending this inaugural bash.


Well, I have also heard that prices are sky high for the party. Lot’s of folks in this area are renting their home, their garage, extra bedroom or tent. Seems that available space is a temporary cash cow. The demand is somewhat tempored by the fact that lots of people do not have that much extra money.

When I was a boy, I went to the JFK ceremony. I remember it still.

So, I have a couple rooms and a couch and space. If anyone on here is interested in coming to town, let me know. I am only a few miles from the Metro (subway). I would hope that some youngster might have a chance to see history, like I did.

The price……………..pay your own way. We have a maid service that will clean up after everyone is gone. She will charge $200. I guess extra utilities will run another $100. I will split those costs among the number of folks that actually come to town. Don’t get greedy and think you can stay for a few weeks.  This is for the three days Sunday. Monday and Tuesday.

If you want to eat it in, we can put together a grocery list and all pitch in.

Let me know if any of you are interested.

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