It’s the economy stupid !

Tuesday is election day. It comes none to soon for many of us. I personally have forgotten what was on t.v. before the race began. Now, we are faced with a decision. The Democratic candidate, the Republican candidate, the Libertarian candidate, Ralph Nader and in some places Ron Paul.

What to do?

For just a minute, let’s pretend that the outcome will really make a difference. Let’s imagine that any one of these folks will actually change the direction of the country. Now, I know this is hard. Things have remained relatively constant as long as I have been alive (note: that would include Truman, Eisenhower, Kennedy, Johnson, Nixon, Carter, Reagan, Bush, Clinton, and Bush).

As much as they claim to be different, they are quite similar in many ways. The War….one will pull the troops now and the other will pull the troops after proclaiming victory….all of them will continue a presence in the region. Many of you are concerned about the war. Politics may have gotten us there, strategic military decisions will dictate how long we remain.

Everyone talks about universal health care. No one will be in a financial position to offer it. No one. The shell game each plan offers is way beyond a realistic expense model. The costs we now incur for the socialized plan of medicare threaten to deplete a big chunk of any budget.

You can go down the list.

The big issue is the economy. The culprit is not the Bush administration. The economy has suffered because there has been and continues to be a lack of regulation. The principles are not flawed. In a capitalist system, the biggest carrot is that if you produce more you can earn more. The lambasted trickle down theory is quite sound. It can not occur in a non-regulated environment.

You can not decide to spread the wealth, redistribute the wealth or penalize the most productive in our society. You just can’t do that in good conscience. You can’t.

If you increase the tax burden on those that are at the top of our progressive tax system, the people at the top will not pay. You hear some say that those taxed the most will just pick up and go elsewhere. They won’t. They will pass the increase along just like they pass along any other increase. The people at the bottom wlll end up paying more for goods and services. The people at the bottom will indirectly be punished by any increase in taxes on those at the top of the system.

You folks can complain that you pay too much. You can complain that those at the top get all the breaks. You can sit in a funk and complain. Some of you will see the rewards of working harder or smarter and earning more. Others will always yearn for that mythical green grass that exists on the other side of the perceived fence

We live in a capitalist society. All the candidates are offering programs that will have to function in that society.

There is only one real issue.

It’s the economy stupid !

Every other issue is tied to the economy. Every dream any American shares is tied to the economy. Our national security is tied to the economy. It is the base line for a capitalist society.

I have shared that I appreciate the oratory skills of Obama. I think that Joe Biden is a decent Senator. I can not support their economic platform.

I think Ralph Nadar is persistent, Bob Barr is courageous and Ron Paul is honorable. None of them could find support in the House or the Senate. We can not suffer through four years of non-action.

I have also shared that I admire John McCain and truly appreciate his service to the country. His selection of Sarah Palin as a running mate raises concerns in many corners. She is not ready to run the country.

I would love to go to the voting booth on tuesday and pull the lever for the feel good candidate. I admit that I even would find pleasure in voting for the first African American candidate. I would be happy to go in and know that I am choosing someone that represents the majority of my beliefs.

I can’t.

I will vote for John McCain and hope that others see through the warm feelings and happy thoughts and realize there is only one real issue. There is only one hope for tomorrow.

I care about my grandchildren.

One issue.

It’s the economy stupid.

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