It did not sell… but it remains empty

Now this was a fine listing. The owner stopped by my booth at the Montgomery County Fair and asked me to come out and list his home. He was being transferred out of the area. Did I mention that we met in August of 2007.  The home sits on a beautiful one acre lot. It is located in an area surrounded by million dollar homes.

We met and the home went on the market. We had visitors through the fall, but it was priced a little too high and when we brought the price down……..the market had passed us by. Winter came and I made arrangements to have the house winterized. Winter passed with very few visitors. I made regular visits to the house and make sure it was secure and presentable. I kept the grounds up. I cleared the driveway. I used a blower to get the leaves away from the home. I remained an empty soldier in the war on vacancies.

Winter turned to spring. I went to the home. I aired it out. I burned scented candles. I scrubbed winters grime. I help open houses. I checked on the home weekly. It lingered. I could not understand why it was not even receiving visitors. It was an absolutely lovely little private hideaway.

I would visit and sit on the porch and try to conjur up another approach. I had other agents visit and asked for ideas. Oh, the price had been reduced several times. Still, no offers came. No agents came. It remained a quiet spot for afternoon brain storming.

One day, a wind shear from a thunderstorm created a mini-tornado that flat out knocked that stone wall down. The treed lot became a disheveled pile of pine. Power was gone and the driveway became a walkway. I called the owner. I told him of the damage. I walked the property and could not believe the damage to one little area. The refuge was gone.

He never called me back. He just vanished. I went back a few times. Repairs were started and stopped. A funky blue tarp covered the garage. On my last visit, I went from room to room and thought of people that actually came through. I remembered the hours I had spent there. I remembered the soul searching.

Then I took my lock box off the door my sign out of the driveway and left.

As I drove away, I remembered the thought…“I don’t feel guilty for what happened.” Life is funny that way. You do what you believe to be the right thing. You do what you can to please. In the end, some things just don’t work out. If you have done your best, all you can do is drive away and hope for a better tomorrow.

I will not look back. The future is straight ahead. I will just store the memories. After all, even failures are full of good memories and important lessons.

The house remains a chalice of broken dreams………..still empty.

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