Isn’t it time you enjoyed a life of Leisure?

Isn’t it time… 1 BR, 1 BA full sized Condo

Sold for $89,000

I’ve been there. Looking around a dinner table that used to be full of hustle and bustle and now seats one or two. I’ve peeked into extra bedrooms to realize that my little birds have flown and left me with an office, a sewing room and a catch all (just put it in the little room) room. Yes, I’ve been there.

I’ve been there.Sitting down going through monthly expenses, wondering why am I heating and cooling such a big house. Why do I have so many t.v.’s ? How did the family room in the basement become such a packed storage area? Where did all this “stuff” come from?

I’ve been there. I have had to go though boxes of memorabilia….report cards, holiday cards, old newspapers, books, gadgets that I did not recognize nor remember their function, and stuff and more stuff. I don’t know why I thought it would be so important. Now it only serves to anchor cob webs in corners that are rarely visited.

I have been there. I can remember shaking my head and thinking there must be a better way. I can remember walking through the once comfy home and feeling like I was walking through caverns that merely held relics of days gone by. I suppose it is no secret that I found myself looking out the window and wondering how will I continue to take care of my yard. My tomatoes were easy enough, but the lawn, the flowering shrubs and the branches that have begun to fall with more regularity. I can recall smiling at the bough of trees and realizing that every one of those leaves would end up falling as winter approaches. I shook my head and wondered, was this the year that I would have the added expense of hiring someone to take them up.

Yes, I have been there. I share these thoughts because I have also found “a better way”.

There is no shame in making the statement….”It’s time.”

If you would like information on a one bedroom condo for less than $100,000…..Call me.

It’s funny. Those of us on the front edge of the baby boomers have some built in aversion to “age restricted” developments. Maybe, we thought we could stay young forever if we kept listening to the Rolling Stones. Maybe we thought that the age of Aquarious would lead to a life in which we would never age. Maybe. It is not true.

If we are honest with ourselves……we may listen to classic rock sometimes but we find little joy in most of today’s sounds. If we are honest, we are absolutely astounded that pants worn so low don’t just fall off the younger folks we see. If we are honest, we like driving in the left lane if we have to make a left turn down the road. We have changed our style to accomodate our changing abilities. I’ve been there.

We have made little concessions to the aging process. We know our limitations. It just seems to get harder out “there”.  The quiet neighborhood, we have enjoyed for so many years, is now over crowded and full of people we have never met.

Maybe it is time for you to visit Leisure World. Believe me, there is a certain comfort in having a guard at the gate. It is very nice to have a Giant Food Store right in the development. It is great to have a private 18 hole golf course on site. It is terrific to have a community that has so many opportunities for leisure time. Leisure World, with it’s inherent safety and security, makes leisure time your special time.

Oh, the children and grand children can visit. They can even stay overnight or a few days. I’ve been there. They do have to go back to their hectic lives. They are always sad to leave and they will act like it is a crime to leave you there in that “senior’s community”. Do yourself a favor and look pitiful (it will make them call more often). As soon as their car is around the corner, you can slip over to one of the restaurants and share coffee and pictures with your new friends.

You see, I’ve been there. Maybe it is time for you to consider a lifestyle that fits your life. At this point, the house may be too big, the yard too big, the expenses too great and your outlook on the rest of your life includes the thought that you want to remain active…at your pace. If that shoe fits…………call me at301-509-5111. My name is John MacArthur. I am a Realtor Tudela-MacArthur. I have had units for sale that were fairly priced. I have access to all the other listings in Leisure World and can arrange to show you any one of them. If you need to sell property in Leisure World, I will be glad to assist you in that as well.

I’ve been there. I understand. I will work with you every step of the way.

Give me a call and “Experience the Difference”.


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