Good Morning Aspen Hill…. Dunkin Donuts has a new location !

Now located in the North Gate Shopping Center

(right on the corner up from Michaels)

It was a glorious Christmas Eve in Aspen Hill, Maryland. Dunkin Donuts took over the vacant spot on the corner in the Northgate Shopping Center. Starbuck’s fans will still have to traverse in the Giant Food and hope that the barista/produce clerk is there to fill their order.

Real coffee folks can now stop, have real good cup of Joe and a donut to boot. I have to warn you, the younger generation is not quite up to speed on nomenclature. I stopped by to support their opening (and take care of a sugar craving) and waiting my turn patiently.

As the musical words “Next” rang out, I stepped up to the counter and ordered a cup of joe, small and a honey dipped donut. The nice young lady just stared at me. I waited. Her lip quivered. I tilted my head in a quizical fashion. She swallowed, took a breath and whispered…”I beg your pardon, Sir.”

“Ah, one small cup of joe and a warm honey dipped donut”, I repeated.

The blank stare morphed into a dear in head lights look of terror. And just as the line behind me began to become beligerent, a fine young man stepped over and told her.

“He just wants a small cup of coffee and a glazed donut”.


She stared at him with a look of wonder. He smiled and said…”My grandfather used to work in a donut shop…they used to call coffee joe and glazed honey dip“.

He turned to me, reached out and shook my hand introducing himself as the manager of the new location. He thanked me for stopping by and with a wink, he was off to greet another patron.

It is nice to have Dunkin Donuts in town. I was so happy. I added a order for a dozen donuts to take home with me.

If you have an urge, Dunkin Donuts is still serving hot “joe” and warm donuts.

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