Excuse me… we aren’t the enemy… we could use a little help here.

Yes. I am talking to you. You may not think that I heard you when you complained about all the bail outs going on. You may think no one heard you when you complained about the neighbors that showed up with two or three families in that house next door. You may think that paying your mortgage on time will help keep your home values reasonably secure.

WELL. I did. Someone did. It won’t.

Oh, you aren’t sure who I am or why I am talking to you like this.

Let me refresh your memory.

I am the friendly little man that parked in the wrong spot. I was with the young couple that parked their car in the wrong spot.

Doesn’t ring a bell?

O.k., I am that litttle man that stood in the 10 degree temperature at the home two doors up and held the partial screen door open with my knee, while I kept some papers under may arm, my keys in my teeth and attempted to open the antiquated lock box on the front door.

I am that guy that took the time to point out the potential of the empty house in your neighborhood. I am the guy that smiled and waved when you offered my and my clients the single finger salute. I am the guy that apologized profusely because we parked in the wrong numbered spots. I am the guy that said nothing about the fact that the parking lot was over half empty.

I am one of the few soldiers fighting a battle against empty homes in your neighborhood.

You see, I remember what it was like a few years ago. I remember the joy people found here. I remember the pride in ownership everyone displayed.

Yep. Same houses, different economy.

I am a Realtor.

We aren’t the enemy.

We are attempting to make fine lemonaide out of the rotten lemons that have been left behind. We know that if more homes become vacant and fall into disrepair, it will effect everyone.

So…if you see us…WORKING… trying our best to fill those empty homes, cut us some slack. We may park in the wrong spot. We may wander around the wrong yard. We may ask you a few questions. If we are successful, we might find the right buyer and fill up that empty eyesore.

We could use a little help here.

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