Educating Consumers About Real Estate… I believe… Do You?

Educating Consumers About Real Estate

Everyone should have access to the truth regarding buying or selling a home.

  1. Knowledge requires understanding facts.
  2. The confusion caused by “media” misinformation must be resolved.
  3. Every transaction is governed by real estate law.
  4. In Maryland, every client has the absolute right to representation.
  5. The quality of representation has no relationship to the size of the brokerage.
Sounds pretty basic. As a matter of fact, it is the position every real estate agent or lender should support. So often, causes are created to raise funds. People hope to take advantage of the growing social networks and get donations for things that are important to them.
Tudela-MacArthur created this cause to raise awareness.
If you are a member of facebook, please click on the link and join the cause. It won’t cost you any money. We believe that in the long run, supporting this cause and acting accordingly will save consumers thousands of dollars and offer the opportunity of a lifetime of happiness.
I am JMac and I believe.

Do You?

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