As summer fades and fall approaches… thoughts from the park bench…

Isn’t this the time of the year when we stop and spend an afternoon relaxing on a park bench? There are some pretty fancy scientific explanations regarding the angle of the sun as the earth rotates. I don’t really understand them, but I do know as leaves turn fiery colors in their death march the daily increasing chill is often broken by a momentary stroke of warm afternoon sun. Memories of summer past connect and cling to memories of summers passed as pictures of days gone by roll through the cinema of your mind.

As each fall creeps in, I am reminded that the world continues to get smaller and events that occur worldwide are more connected as each season passes. Oh, I may have spent a bit more than six decades (or more than three score for you Lincolnian readers) rambling through the ups and downs of my own life, but not without developing the sensation that either things are happening faster or I seem to realize they are happening quicker. In either case, stored information creates quite a gumbo of knowledge fermenting in one’s mind. One can either muse, peruse or abuse. As Hank Williams, Jr so eloquently shared “it’s in him and it’s got to come out.”

So………..for Rylee and Erin……I will just prattle on, finger bound, visually….thoughts and reactions. One day, they may pull a tattered, yellowed copy of the blog out and share what “Pop Pop” shared back in the fall of 08.

Sisters (photo by Molly MacArthur)


Wow, the financial market sure has taken a few strange turns lately. Right now, the Feds are planning to bail out the folks on Wall Street.  This means that the people that have lost money while seeking profits investing in a system that was being abused will be bailed out by the people that they abused. To be sure, there is little illegal about what occured. Yes, there were some loan fraud cases and yes there were some abuses, but for the most part the chickens that Senator Gramm unleased back in the ninties when he led the charge to allow investment banks change their ways have come home to roost. The rampant profiteering that occured while Greenspan was asleep at the switch has left the country in dire straits. The latest charge of calvary appears to be…………..print more money. As a political or social aside……America is renowned for never holding folks accountable for their actions (before you get too perplexed, America should read “old white guys”).

If women or members of minorities had been the ones attempting to use the system to benefit themselves, regulation would have been put in place long before abuses became so out of control.

OK, Labor Day is behind us once more and elections are less than two months away. I shared my honest appraisal in Inna’s blog last week. I will cut and paste it here.

Palin schmalin………enough already.

If McCain is elected she will be in position to do less harm than she is in now. It does concern me that her son has been sent overseas. Not preferential treatment is needed, no, common sense would indicate that we do not put family members of the highest office’s in our country in the vicinity of enemies.

Bill Murray stated the greatest truth about our political leaders in Washington…”It just doesn’t matter.”

Neither party has shown the propensity to run the country efficiently or for the people. Regardless of party affiliation………..they all do the will of large corporations. Obama won’t change that and neither will McCain.

Every campaign promise carries the validity of candy coated feces.

They are all out of touch.

If people want to focus on change, get off your ass and get involved at the local level. If you don’t like the currrent state of education…join the PTA and get involved with the schools.

If crime bothers you…join a neighborhood watch and support the local police.

Worried about the economy………..stop your personal deficit spending. Stop buying more than you can afford. Stop voting for congressional representatives that spend your money.

Worried about the environment………….go green.

Worried about the state of our country……………viva la revolution.


We have bigger problems than lipstick on a pit bull or soccer mom.

I would imagine that it should be clear to any reader…………….we will never achieve the results we desire if we continue to ask others to make the change for us.

It is our world.

I know that as quickly as things will change, we as a people will react and adapt. I am more concerned with the fact that our leaders seem to think that their is no sound reason to consider historical data when deciding future behavior. I know I read that those that fail to consider history are doomed to repeat it. Our species seems hell bent on changing historical perspective to justify current behavior.

Common sense does not change

I sit back in the late afternoon sun and as the air begins to cool around me, I know that there must be a significant impact when the population continues to grow. I know that adding hundreds of new oil wells will not increase the amount of oil that exists. I know that there is a finite amount of buildable land in the country. I know that if folks really gave a damn…..New Orleans would be protected by better levees. I know that if farmers had not altered the course of major rivers, floods might not have been as devasting. I know that Washington will never have a successful WNBA franchise. I know that Sonic still sells the best grilled cheese sandwich. I know that practice does not make perfect…practice makes permanent. I know that both Presidential candidates spend more money than necessary to get a job that will have little to do with any of the programs they promise. I know that the human brain can conceive of anything burned into a piece of toast. I know that when I look at my grandchildren, I see the birth of tomorrows. I can hope they will be better but it was just a little over 60 years ago when I was being looked at as the birth of tomorrows. My crowd hasn’t done so well.

I promise you that if you can move beyond the rhetoric and accept that everyone has a right to an opinion and they have a right to believe as they choose, you may discover that acceptance and tolerance will lead to an easier forming of coalitions for change. It will never be my way or your way on every issue. Our way will lead to better days.

But…… is fall and I just may take a short nap on this bench before the sun fades an the autumn evening sends me in search of that sweater.


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