4 score, 3 score, 2 score, 1 score… who’s keeping Score

You went to bed last night, thinking that maybe it is time to buy a home. Maybe, you own a home and went to bed thinking, maybe it is time to take advantage of the market and sell and move up.

Then the sun came up and that queasy feeling returned.

You are not alone.

Do you feel like you just woke up from a restless sleep and the world is upside down?You look out the window and the sky is below you and terra firma is up? You check the calender to discover…yes it is 2008.

You venture forth and the world seems to have gone mad.

Headlines continue their seemingly never ending assault on all things you held secure.

You are not alone.

Maybe, you have become accustomed to the “sound bite” world that surrounds you. News stories come and go faster than a sailor hitting port and leaving during world war ii. Now, the veracity of headlines has always been suspect.

Remember seeing this one


By all standards, the current economic situation is unparalleled. Stocks are on a roller coaster ride. Banks are slow to lend money. Interest rates are sinking. Home prices are all over the board. Unemployment is rising. The queasy feeling follows sensory overload. You try to analyze all the data. It is overwhelming and contradictory and leaves you in a state of paralysis. We hip folks call it paralysis by analysis.

You are not alone.

Can we stop for a minute? Can we review history? Home buying history. In broad terms, but just a look back so we can see where we might be and discover the one constant saving grace.


Industrial Revolution

This is kind of where it all began. Factories were built. Homes were built near the factories. Folks needed a place to live near where they worked. How are you gonna keep them down on the farm? So, another industry became more prevalent to assist those that needed to buy and sell homes.

The real estate agent began his service to clients. Soon after, you had brokerages open to assist buyers and sellers. It was a new day. We were moving from an agrarian society to a society that made things as well as grew crops. It was probably very disconcerting to buyers and sellers. They were not alone.

They had a real estate agent to guide them through the process.


Cushman & Wakefield opened there doors just about 4 score ago. They are still doing business in the DC area. Real estate agents must be doing something important, they have survived through many crisis.

Times changed. We were hit with the great depression. People lost jobs. People lost savings. People lost homes. It was a terrible time. I have no doubt that all the media was sharing the horror on a daily basis. Soup kitchens opened and long lines of hungry, out of work Americans waited for help.

This was only 80 years ago. Maybe your father or your grandfather or an uncle or great uncle stood in lines like this. Today it seems like so long ago, but to those impacted…it was yesterday. Despite the terrible times, people still bought and sold homes. People still realized that they were not alone.

There was a real estate agent available that understood their challenges and their needs and was ready to guide them through the process. There was an agent that was well aware of the condition of the economy and how it related specifically to his clients.

The country recovered and the world went to war. The peace and security of living in America was shattered December 7, 1941. We were attacked. We were at war on two fronts. At home, supplies were rationed. Women went to work. We united in our focus to remain free. Then, the very act that ended the conflict, created a new sense of uneasiness in our lives.

The Bomb

Soldiers returned home. The G.I. Bill was passed. They returned to country they had defended. They returned to a world that had changed. They needed to find new homes. They were not alone.

There was a real estate agent ready to listen to their needs, walk them through the process and make sure that they achieved their goal. There was an agent that understood the current conditions and had the skill to put it all together for them.


It was only 20 years later that Kennedy faced down Kruschev, children of the depression grew up and the economy began to grow. Suburbs were born. Homes were built in once open areas and the day of the commuter began.

Builders and real estate agents saw the promise of housing for more people and began to create new communities for a new lifestyles. In this area, most people are aware of the vision and accomplishments of Jim Rouse.


Take a short drive up 95 from DC and see the wonder of Columbia, MD. It is a vision come true and community still thriving and growing and evolving.

It was only 20 years ago that the Savings and Loan’s collapsed and the economy faltered. The very institutions that were trusted with our pennies and dimes shut down. Poor oversight, bad loans, bad credit and bad decisions all led to a body blow to our economy. Sound familiar?

People stood in line, hoping to recover money deposited. Bank holidays were called. The feds has to step in and change policy and regulations. Interest rates shot through the roof. Home buyers and sellers were faced with a impossible task.

They were not alone.

Throughout the country, a real estate agent was available to assist them. The agent was aware of the financial system. The agent took the time to listen to their situation, their dreams and hopes. The agent then guided them through the system. The agent worked with them every step of the way. Dreams were still realized.

So, here you are. You are over whelmed with information. You have more resources than anyone has ever had. Every home for sale is listed on the internet. Every possible loan is listed on the internet. You realize that it only takes a url to post anything. You drive down the street and see for sales signs. You read that we have not reached bottom. You hear interest rates are down but may go lower. You just want to either buy a home or sell the one you have and move up.

You are not alone.

Your solution today is the same solution that was used four score, three score, two score and one score ago. There is someone that understands your specific needs. There is someone that can separate the truth from the sound bite. There is someone the professionally deals with buying and selling homes. If you have to buy or sell a home, you really can’t choose the time. You have to deal with the market as it is. If you are thinking about a move, it may or may not be a good time. Only a conversation will tell.

You need a real estate agent.

John MacArthur


Now, let me confess. This blog is self serving. I want you to “get it”. I want you to have a comfort level that I “get it’. I have lived in the DC area for over 50 years. I know DC and I know the Maryland suburbs. This is what I do. I will gladly sit down with you and go over your dreams and give you my opinion of how they can be accomplished. You are not alone. Give me a call 301-509-5111.

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