The History of the subprime implosion…

After a long week, I decided to take a break and watch a mindless DVD. I took one of my favorites from the shelf and popped it in. “The history of the world…part I” was my selection. It was typical Mel Brooks humor. Fact delightfully spun from a different perspective. After popcorn and a nap, I thought….we need the History of the SubPrime implosion. I did my research. The names of participants have been overlooked and excluded to avoid embarrassing the thousands of participants. Any relationship between the characters or firms named is purely accidental. Never judge a book by it’s cover, a company by it’s balance sheet, or a representative of anyone in any of these industries by the fancy suit they are wearing.

Caution: Contains language that is apparently only suitable for use by the Vice President on the Senate Floor.

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