Mission Impossible..? Mission Accomplished!!!



I got this e-mail a couple months back. A young couple currently stationed in Germany were transferring to my area and they wanted to know if I could assist them. I wrote back and got a little more information from them.


I called and chatted with them. They found me out there on that interweb. They did their due diligence. The visited my website, read my various blogs and fell in love with my straw hat. (Apparently, a picture is worth a thousand words.) I suggested that they do some on-line searching and send me homes that interested them. I would then go out and visit the homes and report back to them.

coupleonputer.jpg    They followed those instructions and I filled in my down time with home visits and reports. The husband had accrued time to visit and select a home. The military does allow for this, but the time allowed was going to be tight. It was soon apparent that homes that were in their “wheelhouse” were being snatched up. Our market has remained active for homes that are priced right.

“HIH” day was soon upon me…..(I just made that one up..HIH…he is here, like to keep the records straight. I always wonder who created “LOL”.) I received a call and a subsequent email with his travel itinerary.

He was en route!    airplane.jpg     I called in one of my trusty associates and went over the game plan. We had to have an initial “get acquainted and go over the plan” meeting with him Monday evening. I thought a dinner meeting might work since he had been in the air so long. Then we had to divide up the potential homes in two separate areas. He wanted to begin at 900 am on Tuesday. He expected to find a home, prepare an offer, have the offer accepted and fly back to Germany Friday ! ? !

                                lourdes1.jpg    Now this is a time when having strong team members really pays off. Lourdes Tudela joined me in the meeting. We then planned out the mission. She could take the Tuesday morning tour. I would pick up Tuesday afternoon. She would handle two other contracts that were being prepared Wednesday, I would do those tours. Then Wednesday night we would all meet again, to go over progress and plan the rest of the tour.


We had to find that needle in a haystackand then like Diogenes, make sure there was a kernel of truth in the disclosures, value and availability of the property. We did not have time to go through the hoops of short sale, bank owned property or non-responsive agent.

Monday went well… Tuesday the sun rose… the bell sounded and I heard that wonderful whisper… LET THE GAMES BEGIN  !!!

One by one, homes selected fell by the wayside. Maybe one passed muster. Tuesday afternoon was fraught with more disappointment… one day down, the clock ticking and only one prospect. The best selection from tuesday afternoon was not really available. The agent forgot to mention that they had a ratified contract and were just looking for back-ups. (Yep, I noted their name. I want to be sure I have all the facts before I show any other homes they have listed. They may be peers but they are not very ethical.)

Many houses seen and none just right… littlehouses1.jpg

The clock struck midnite as Loudes and I wrapped up plans for Wednesday.

I added one back into the mix that they had pooh-poohed from abroad.  Perceptions from day one indicated that maybe it would fit.

                          42ndave.jpg    We visited. He swooned. He called the wife. He took photo’s. Then he said……what else do you have? Can I see some comparable properties? Let me sleep on it. I suggest that he and the mother-in-law come back in the evening and walk around the neighborhood. Get a feel for the area. Then sleep on it. I will put together a small tour of similar properties for the morning. I am feeling really happy. I think this may be the one and we still have time to make an offer.

As Lourdes and I wrap up and put out the midnite oil one more night, we have high hopes of getting the job done. The morning news would bring another hurdle.


I picked the buyer up and he mentioned that they did visit the neighborhood. He did visit all the websites regarding the area. He mentioned while they walked around, they noticed all the police cars roaring off from the station. The incident happened quite some distance away and he still wanted to pursue the home.

We visited a few and he realized…this was a bargain. We returned to my office, wrote and offer and contacted the listing agent. Thank God for good listing agents! He came to the office, reviewed the offer and called his client. As time ticked by, our client paced the conference room, chatted with his bride and paced some more.

The listing agent came in to discuss the offer and relay his clients reply.


Done… Ratified…Mission Accomplished…72 hours from touchdown on the tarmac to ratified deal in hand… DAMN THAT FEELS GOOD !

So, if you have managed to read this tale and feel like you would like to have this kind of support and attention to detail… call me 301-509-5111. When we say “every step of the way”… well we have facts to back that up. Who knows… your dream house may be just around the corner!

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